Monday, November 20, 2006

Queen of Fashion

If anyone is as much of a fashion junkie as I am, you would recall that the very lovely Kirsten Dunst was on the cover of Vogue and Teen Vogue in the last month or so. That is because of her role as the extraordinary Marie Antoinette. I really didn't know too much about Marie Antoinette or Kirsten Dunst for that matter but as I read both of the articles (Vogue's and Teen Vogue's) I became more and more intrigued. Marie Antoinette became queen of France by marrying one of the King Louis'. There were so many of them lol. But, apparantly, she was known for her super extravagant hairstyles which were often so high the hairdresser had to stand on ladders to get the styles to perfection. Most always, Marie had her hair shaped into different things that told stories. She was so influential that everyone who was anyone tried to mimmick her hair. A lot of the older Frenchmen(women) were disgusted by this display of extravagance, but hell, what could they say? She was the queen. Anyway, I just realized alot about today's fashion and style through that history. Surprisingly, a MAN did many of her hairstyles. I can't remember his name, it was Pierre or something French like that. He used a lot of things when doing her hair like fake hair (weave), sequin, and glitter. Also, I learned that many writers wrote stories and articles about her frequent changes of style (today's tabloids and fashion magazines) and that frequent hairstylists and couturiers studied her style so they could copy it and sell it for less (knock-off labels). It's amazing how much history repeats itself, especially in the area of fashion. Well anyway, don't wanna talk too much, even though it IS my blog lol. If anyone is more interested, you should read Caroline Weber's book Queen of Fashion or pick up the Vogue with Kirsten Dunst on the front.

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