Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's Sunday night. I'm in the bed watching Street Kings with Marcus. I do not want to go to fuckin work in the morning. And I shouldn't have to. Come January 1 when my leave starts over again, I will be effin M.I.A.! And that's that!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Need A Bottle of Gin!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys! I'm still here! Just been having some technical difficulties lately, so I havent been able to read or post (damn VZW aircard!). But anyway! Soooo much stuff has gone down since I last posted, but I'll make it bearable/readable.
So go with me in your mind. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I'm at Columbia Mall doing some shopping in Nordstrom's (upstairs). I was ready to leave, but of course I was parked downstairs, so I took the escalator to get to the parking lot. Well... 2 children, ages 8 or 9 were playing around me on the said escalator and long story short, stepped on my shoe strings and I fell down the escaltor and sprained my ankle (smh). I went off.... my court date is next month.

Thanksgiving was grand. I just spent it with family as usual.. and ate my ass off. Me and my dad and brother went to see Transporter 3 on Thanksgiving. It was alright, not as violent as the 1st 2. I will say though, Jason Statham is a fine and fly white man (Jesus)! Love him as much as Idris Elba.
I recently applied for a new position at my job. I hope I get it. I could definitely use the money!
Pray for me y'all!

Have you guys ever been in love with someone so much that they can do whatever, and you still love them? I'm in that situation right now. Jesus, please take the wheel.
Yesterday I saw Cadillac Records. It wasn't Dreamgirls, but I LOVED it nonetheless! Did Beyonce' say the F word like 25 times? "I need a bottle of gin. A bottle of gin! I NEED A FUCKIN' BOTTLE OF GIN, SHIT!!!!!!!!" lol... yes I do love that bitch with everything that's within me. This was like her very best movie, ever. I was very impressed. I think I'm going to either get an Etta James cd or the movie's soundtrack, or both, because the lyrics for some of the Etta James songs were so currently applicable and beyond their years. She was a genius. There's a song called "All I Could Do Was Cry." When Beyonce' sang it, I almost cried. Oh nevermind, I just found both renditions on limewire.... Gotta love limewire... Oh yeah, Mos Def and Columbus Short were like SOOO fine in this movie too!!! thankya jesus!

Also, I'm going to try something new in the bedroom. Is this trashy?

And finally, I'm going to be talking to a grant writer today. I'm really trying to get my clothing line off the ground. I feel like if Darius can start his own cooking show, and Joey can execute all of his programs for the HRC, dammit! I can start my clothing line! Look out for it in '09!