Sunday, April 27, 2008



So I know this is going to be a little intense, so I'm warning you ahead of time, but I had sex with this versatile top last night and I was really impressed.

Now, I've always considered myself vers, but I never got too much practice... well yeah pracitce in sex with vers people. I guess considering my size, mannerisms, style, etc, etc, people can't really see me topping anyone. Well, I take that back, I do get quite a bit of "hit-ups" on my BGC page from bottoms wanting a piece of well done Jared meat, but none that I've ever taken seriously. But anyway, me and VG (vers guy) had a date last night after I got off of work. What started off as an innocent movie night, became a make your own movie night.
I won't go into all the details of the sex part, but suffice to say that I plan on taking a trip into VGWorld sometime soon.
Albert who?
In other T, my mother (a very stylish woman, might I add) wore a melon colored short sleeved button up shirt, a black pencil skirt, white opaque tights, and camel colored peep toe 9West pumps to church Sunday. Somebody call the Fashion Police, the Fab5, or Jesus, and get her arrested.
Also, I downloaded Yahoo! Messenger finally, so hit me up! j_shanlin is my screen name!
Is it just me, or does anyone still feel high from the blogger reunion?
I think that's it for me. How do I look in my dress?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Me and 6'4 = No More

EDIT: And anyway, who needs a 6'4 when you can jack off to this with no strings attached??? tee hee.. can I even say that? I swear, if Idris ever reads my blog, I am getting my ass whooped..... I'll take it though..
As I alluded to yesterday, me and 6'4 are finally done. Before the reunion, everything was grand. I purchased a subscription of Today's Bride magazine, and I was choosing a list of bride's maids (which would've included everyone who attended the Reunion).

I digress. Soooo, I told 6'4, whose real name is Albert (I have no need to protect his identity anymore because we are no longer together, and I don't care)... Sooo, I told Albert that I would be going to the reunion and I wouln't be able to spend a lot of time with him . we had this conversation like 2 weeks ago. He wanted to go to some of the events, but I told him no, because it was a BLOGGER FAMILY REUNION!! 2 MySpace blogs don't count sir!

So, Sunday, after the NJ kids left (and btw, Ty, I know you wrote a fabulous post, but your blog doesn't show up on my phone + I'm computer-less at this point in time. no shade. lotsa love ; ).. So, Sunday, after the NJ kids left, I showered, took a quick nap, and headed over to Al's house. He was acting some kinda way. Very quiet, distant, attitude-y. I asked him what was wrong. "Nothin". I asked him if I had done something "No." I asked him if he was hungry. "No." So then he says "I'm going to my friend's house. I'll just see you whenever."


So after that, I went to my sister's and just chilled, laughed, talked to her about my weekend, but then I got bothered by Albert's attitude. I texted him saying "Babe, I haven't seen you all weekend and I miss you." to which he responded, "So when your friends are here, I'm not good enough for you, but when they're gone, you wanna be in my face? Are you ashamed of me?"

Did he just take it to another dimension? Oh but I thank God hunny.

So I told him of course not and I love him and nobody else had their bfs and stop trippin', etc etc.

So then he reverted to this I want to be left alone mode where he claimed he wanted to be left alone but yet he went to the club, and was full of life at work.... but you want to be left alone right?

So finally, OJ (Old Jared)came out and he said, "Fuck It" : )

Yesterday he texted me and asked me when he could come get his things because our relationship was built on a lie and he couldn't do it any more, so I promptly packed his toothbrush, his hair brush, and his towels and his cologne and his bball shorts and dangled them over the balcony of my apartment. He's tall. He'll get it.

So, as is standard after every breakup that I have, I did something crazy. I cut all the hair off of my face, cut my mohawk, and enrolled myself in bartending school. Since he has so much time now, maybe he'll see me slingin' drinks shirtless ; )

I'm doing a whole lot bebtter than I thought I would be, and actually, I fell happy and free.

Today I got my FrEaKuM dReSs out of the cleaners too!
..::Sidebar::.. Do you guys remember that "All the pork you can eat diet" thing from the Klumps? I am still getting my life on that from the reunion...LMFAO!

; )

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogger Family Reunion

Sooo, to say I had an absolute BLAST this past weekend at the First Annual Blogger Family Reunion would be the understatement of the year hunny!

By the way. sorry for the delay on this particular posting. I haven't really been feeling too hot and I think I may have pink eye. : (

I digress. I had a fuckin ball this past weekend. I have never had so much anticipation for one weekend, and with the anticipation, came no disappointments.

I really don't want to go too much into detail about the weekends events because 1) my fellow bloggers have for the most part touched on everything, and 2) I was shit-faced the majority of the weekend, so I don't really remember too much anyway.

Friday night, I got off of work and trekked to DC to pick up fellow blogger and close friend Joey ( and from there, came the suite, and from there came the introductions and from there came the alcohol, and then everything was a blur after that.

Much love to EVERYONE in attendance. I really enjoyed myself.


Oh and by the way, I am currently seeking a new boyfriend. If anyone is or knows someone who is interested, give them my email address : )

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Week In Short...

So far, this week has been grand. I cleaned up my dirty ass apartment and had a nice little dinner party with a few of my coworkers... well... it started out as a nice little dinner party, but it transformed into a drunken game of Truth or Dare lol. Who knew such a sweet drink like Moscato would tear ur ass up sooo bad?!?!

I also started painting this week as well. My theme and color scheme changed from the ever classic black and white, to chocolate and cherry red, to tan and brown, to not giving a damn anymore and deciding not to paint, to finally settling on a cute combination of "true walnut", "pear green", and "flamingo melon". I finally got my Blockbuster card so as I painted, I watched Wanda Sykes and Margaret Cho stand up.

It feels so good to have all my bills paid.The rent is paid, BGE is paid, cell phone is paid, car is full of gas, fridge full of food.... Wonderful feeling it is.

::sidebar:: this bank teller Carlos is fine as shit!

Me and 6'4 went to dinner last night... : ) sigh....

This Friday, me and the group I sing with are opening for the concert I was telling you guys about a few weeks ago. The Dorinda Clark, Tye Tribbett, and Richard Smallwood.... SUPER EXCITED!

Can you believe that I'll meet all my blogger pals in almost a week????

Thursday, April 3, 2008


...these last few days have been so "Blah". I guess if I could sum them up in a few emotions/feelings, I would say boredom, contenedness, hunger, business, and boredom again.

At work, I took a new 4x10 schedule which basicaly means as opposed to me working my regular 5 day a week, 8 hours a day shift, I'm working 4 days a week and 10 hours a day. It seemed really great at first, but now I'm beginning to think it was a hasty decision that I should've thought through a little more. Granted, I do get 3 consecutive days off, but that's overshadowed by the fact that I really don't have shit to do those 3 days, I don't get shift differential anymore, and these 10 hour days are beginning to whip my ass. I guess the determining factor of whether or not I keep the schedule is when I see my April 18th paycheck.

In other news, me and 6'4 finally got something together. I'm not quite sure what that something is, but it is what it is. After not speaking to him and not so much as even nod in his direction when I saw him at work for a few days proved to him that I was not playing with his ass. He finally got the nerve to call me and we had a lovely dinner and conversation about our future as a couple. I guess suffice to say, something is there, just not too sure what it is yet, but whatever it is makes me feel good.

I've decied that before I get the rest of my furniture in my apartment, I'd like to paint. I'm noy sure what color scheme or theme I want to go with, but right now I'm working with a blank canvas, so the sky is the limit. I just purchased a signed picture of the queen herself, Ms. Knowles-Carter, but I'm not too sure where I want it to be on my walls.

Last night, I went to Blockbuster at around 10ish because I was bored and frankly, I'M tired of watching the same DVDs that I own. I guerss I forgot that I would have to have some sort of membership card to rent, and because of the late hour, I wouldn't be able to partake in anything they had to offer. I just went to the "Adult video store" across the street and ate shrimp all night with 6'4 and watched porn. How bout them apples Blockbuster?

Is anyone else like totally shocked that the reunion is like in 2 weeks??