Thursday, April 3, 2008


...these last few days have been so "Blah". I guess if I could sum them up in a few emotions/feelings, I would say boredom, contenedness, hunger, business, and boredom again.

At work, I took a new 4x10 schedule which basicaly means as opposed to me working my regular 5 day a week, 8 hours a day shift, I'm working 4 days a week and 10 hours a day. It seemed really great at first, but now I'm beginning to think it was a hasty decision that I should've thought through a little more. Granted, I do get 3 consecutive days off, but that's overshadowed by the fact that I really don't have shit to do those 3 days, I don't get shift differential anymore, and these 10 hour days are beginning to whip my ass. I guess the determining factor of whether or not I keep the schedule is when I see my April 18th paycheck.

In other news, me and 6'4 finally got something together. I'm not quite sure what that something is, but it is what it is. After not speaking to him and not so much as even nod in his direction when I saw him at work for a few days proved to him that I was not playing with his ass. He finally got the nerve to call me and we had a lovely dinner and conversation about our future as a couple. I guess suffice to say, something is there, just not too sure what it is yet, but whatever it is makes me feel good.

I've decied that before I get the rest of my furniture in my apartment, I'd like to paint. I'm noy sure what color scheme or theme I want to go with, but right now I'm working with a blank canvas, so the sky is the limit. I just purchased a signed picture of the queen herself, Ms. Knowles-Carter, but I'm not too sure where I want it to be on my walls.

Last night, I went to Blockbuster at around 10ish because I was bored and frankly, I'M tired of watching the same DVDs that I own. I guerss I forgot that I would have to have some sort of membership card to rent, and because of the late hour, I wouldn't be able to partake in anything they had to offer. I just went to the "Adult video store" across the street and ate shrimp all night with 6'4 and watched porn. How bout them apples Blockbuster?

Is anyone else like totally shocked that the reunion is like in 2 weeks??


Opinionated Diva said...

*snickering @ "Mrs. Knowles-Carter"* You know there are people still in denial about these two lasting! lol - I hope it works out for them.

I too used to have blank walls for the longest time. Finally I just played eeny meenie miney moe and threw some color up. Hopefully you aren't too picky!

Dinner and a movie...sounds like my kind of night!

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm bringin' my stocking cap and my trusty rusty box cutter just in case you need me to have a uncle/nephew-in-law convo with 6'4" sometime during the weekend.
BTW, I'm so happy that the gathering is in two weeks...I'm also kind of anxious and nervous...silly, right?

See you soon pa! Be careful.

Chet said...

No doubt about it the changing of your schedule will have some effect on your sleep and recreation. Ten hours a day will take its toll. to much idle time.

It sounds as if you and 6'4 actually do have something... a good relationship.

Decorating is always fun, after painting you will have even more fun selecting just the perfect furniture.

Porn and Shrimp never in the same sentence. Try Netflex damn Blockbuster.

Darius T. Williams said...

You're so fucking gay...Mrs. Knowles-Carter - lol, I love it!

Look at you and 6'4" - have his ass paint. That's what I do w/the other halves. LOL.

Yea, 2 weeks - dayum. I'm ready.

fuzzy said...

Yea, I am kinda shocked that I looked at the calender and was like OMG!!! It's the weekend after next...

RocaFella07 said...

Not 10-hrs a day! I couldnt deal.

You guys actually PAID for porn?...Child, please! LOL!


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I feel you on the long work days! But how about I work (2) 16 hour shifts and (1) 8 hour shift each week. It's cool being off Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but it's hell trying to make it through hump day on Wednesday! Like you, I don't do much so why is it such a big deal to have the long weekend???? I might need to re-evaluate my work schedule or hell get a life on the weekends!!!!!!!