Sunday, April 27, 2008



So I know this is going to be a little intense, so I'm warning you ahead of time, but I had sex with this versatile top last night and I was really impressed.

Now, I've always considered myself vers, but I never got too much practice... well yeah pracitce in sex with vers people. I guess considering my size, mannerisms, style, etc, etc, people can't really see me topping anyone. Well, I take that back, I do get quite a bit of "hit-ups" on my BGC page from bottoms wanting a piece of well done Jared meat, but none that I've ever taken seriously. But anyway, me and VG (vers guy) had a date last night after I got off of work. What started off as an innocent movie night, became a make your own movie night.
I won't go into all the details of the sex part, but suffice to say that I plan on taking a trip into VGWorld sometime soon.
Albert who?
In other T, my mother (a very stylish woman, might I add) wore a melon colored short sleeved button up shirt, a black pencil skirt, white opaque tights, and camel colored peep toe 9West pumps to church Sunday. Somebody call the Fashion Police, the Fab5, or Jesus, and get her arrested.
Also, I downloaded Yahoo! Messenger finally, so hit me up! j_shanlin is my screen name!
Is it just me, or does anyone still feel high from the blogger reunion?
I think that's it for me. How do I look in my dress?


D.LavarJames said...

OMG, you're a fool!!! I can't believe how u crack me up! LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

So of course you look absolutely FAB in the dress.

Now about your mom...I try not to talk about other folks mothers, BUT white opage tights with a peep toe shoe??? Say it ain't so!!!

a piece of well done Jared meat????? LOL!! You are too much and you talk about MY lines!

Darius T. Williams said...

A mess...that dress is a hilarious. Um, yea, so I still can't imagine you topping anyone - you know - you're the sweet heart type, but hey - if VG loves it - go for it!!!

WhozHe said...

Need you ask? The color of that dress is all you, oh yes, all you!!

Cocoa Rican said...

You look great in the dress and YES, you can top somebody...not my ass, but hey, somebody's gotta luv it. Then again...after meeting me at the blogger get together (and yes, I'm still high from it) D and others felt I wasn't as "butch" as expected...LOL...who gives a fuck, I'm a Rican at heart so if you need pointers on the VERS tip, you ask the veteran... ;)

Mr. Jones said...

Jared, you make me smile. Seriously. are sooooo crazy. You're quickly moving up the rung of my favs. Cocoa tried to tell me in advance, but I guess I had to see for myself.

But, ummmm, Not so much, boo. Love ya!

And yes, I'm still high from the reunion...among other things.

Promiscuous X said...

LMMFAO - That dress is sumthn else dude lol. I just walked into work an hoped on blogger an this is the first post i've read so far lol. Im impress yeah "OD" i was laughing at the "well done jared meat too" wow jared im tryn picture you topn dude. please dont tell me he was 6'4 lol

ShawnQt said...

thats a mess and u know it!
mrshawnqt, hit me up!

One Man’s Opinion said...

I feel like I missed something,,,,,,,

Joey Bahamas said...

I lives for a femme top hunny! They turn peoples worlds upside down and I like all of that. Top who you like and get your life...that's what I say. Love!


fuzzy said...

His name was what? his name was who? His name was hmmmm FOR GOT TEN!!! How he Durrin!!!

Sorry albert boo boo, maybe next go round... I am certainly going to text you with questions on this post.. .Be on the lookout! Oh, I sent you a frend request on yahoo, accept & add!!!

Anonymous said...

An old friend always said one person's top can be someone else's bottom.

Yay for YIM. I'm lushhlife. I'll add you to my list.

Monie said...

Ooh, tell Mommy to go back in the closet and try again. Sheesh! LOL!

RocaFella07 said...

I'm still GAGING!!...For so many reasons.



E said... go ahead with you bad self. I love the pic.

That Dude Right There said...

Now you know you look (a) hot (mess) in that dress!!!!!

More power to you getting yo dick wet!!!!