Thursday, March 27, 2008

100th Post!

Yaaaaay for me!! This is my One Hundredth post!!

Now, I know this may be chicken ass for some, but it's awesome to me!

What's The T has been an outlet for me to say whatever the hell I want to say. It's been a journal for me to write in, and it's been a shoulder for me to cry on.

On top of all that, I've made a family that is absolutely the best thing that's happened to me. A core group of friends that I can share experience with, get advice from, or just have a grand ol' keke session with. For that fam, I thank you.

Aaaand what better way to celebrate my 100th post then getting a call from my doctor saying that I'm negative for all STDs!!! : )

Here's to my first 100 and 100 more!

Much love,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Give Me A Reason

"As a warning, I'd just like to say that this post was conceived from a threesome that was had by myself, anger, and that bitch bitterness. I don't rally know where I'm going with this, so bear with me.

I'm sooo sick of having my fuckin feelings hurt. It's like I'm just a tarhge for that shit. It's like this beautiful man comes in on his white horse and his iron suit of armor, but in the end the iron turns out be aluminum foil.

In the beginning, you get all these "baby, I want to be with you forever" and "baby I will never hurt you" statements that aren't even worth shit.

To me it's like a used car salesman. He gels that hair back and puts on that brand new suit and coaxes you into buying a piece of shit car, and then when you drive it off the lot, the engine fails and the tranmission falls out!

And the part the sucks the most is, I'm always the one that holds up my end of the bargain. i'm always the one that communicates, shares emotions/feelings, take care of my significant other, etc. and I never get it back, and then my feelings are hurt.

Oh well, the freakum dress is comin out tonite.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Am I Now??

So, here lately, I've been busier than a one legged man in a but kicking contest, but all good things though.

I finally got 6'4 the hell outta my house long enough to get some kind of cleanliness, orderliness, and semblance in my home. I ordered some furniture, and now i'm just waiting to see that BGE bill lol. To be totally honest, I spent a little bit more than I should've this month, but it's all good because I have enough for rent (lol, I think).

The last few days have been the busiest yet though; but it's ok because I got to cross a few items off of my Life To Do List (which by the way includes making love to Idris Elba, skydiving, going on tour with Fantasia, Beyonce, and the Clark Sisters, etc.)

Yet I digress lol. Anywho, one of my good friends, T who is extremely gifted in the field of music asked me if I would consider singing with him and a group of other talented musicians for a studio recording. of course I obliged, and let me just say, those people are the most talented group of people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and I don't even regret using my second to last sick day to be apart of this effort.

Now, this is not my first studio experience, it's actually my 6th or 7th, but the professionalism and the sound that was produced by our sound tech/engineer was absolutely amazing.

In 2 days we banged 6 songs out, and for anybody that is familiar with studio recording, or just music in general, that's a lot of ground to cover with singing, breaks, solos, redos, bathroom time, jokin around, etc.

Anyhow,I can't wait til our next session and i'll definitely let you know when our "album" cuts...

The above pictures are of me and the group and them tramps sang me into a filthy dirty frenzy you hear?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Update

Soooo, I know I haven't been around "Blogifornia" lately, but things have been a little crazy around here. I between work, cooking, "christening" my apartment with 6'4, and doing any and everything else, I haven't really had time for much else. But no fear, Jared is here to stay!

Basically, the pictures I posted of my crib are pretty much identical to what it looks like now. Boxes and dirty laundry have taken over lol, but it'll be taken care of soon enough.

Communication with my parents has been minimal, but good nonetheless. I think I miss them, but not enough to be home sick...yet. It's only been a week.

I had to call maintenance already because my toilet is backed up and my oven started smoking when I turned it on : (. lol... a mess.

Last night I went to Club Bunns in Baltimore. I am not a big go out, clubby person,so when I go, I do it big. Yes, it was chilly, but No, I didn't let the temperature control my wardrobe choices. I had on some charcoal and white cuffed mid thigh shorts and my Steve Madden knee hi gold cowboy boots and a little seafoam green t-shirt and a big locket and my Marc Jacobs sunglasses.
The night was fun I suppose. I guess as fun as one can imagine. A bunch of alcohol ridden dudes rubbing their hard ons into my back and whispering what they wanted to do to me in the privacy of their homes... yeah, it was alright.

But that's what I've been up to here lately. How've you guys been?

Monday, March 10, 2008

So, It'S finally over and I'm so happy it is. The move is complete! Earlier last week, me and my parents had a little clash of wills, so I ended up staying in an empty apartment. : (, but after a few apologies on both ends, all issues were resolved. Yesterday, my fam and I carted all my earthly possessions to [insert address] and I now live here. As you can probably see in the pictures, things are kinda messy of course (boxes and newspaper everywhere; matress in the living room; etc.), but they more than likely will be that way for the next few weeks.

Oh and by the way, yes that's Beyonce on my refrigerator, and yes that's 6'4 laying on my mattress lol!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blessed and Highly Favored

So, those of you read the blog or know anything about me, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Clark Sisters (lol funny how I go from talking about butt plugs to an internationally reknown gospel quartet right?) But anyway I LOVE them sangin' heffas and have as far back as I can remember.

Well, to my surprise, I found out that my FAVORITE sister Dorinda, will be in Baltimore on April 11, and you already know I bought my floor seat!

Her along with Richard Smallwood and Tye Tribbett are gonna lay me out All Nite!

Well, my current beau, who I previously spoke about (6'4), knows of my obsession with these Divine Divas, and he also knows that I missed them when they came to Baltimore, so this wonderful piece of chocolate man bought me a ticket to see them in their concert in Atlanta in June(the one with the meet and greet reception following) aaaand the hotel room and the roundtrip airfare.....

Aaaaaaaah, I think I'm in love.