Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where Am I Now??

So, here lately, I've been busier than a one legged man in a but kicking contest, but all good things though.

I finally got 6'4 the hell outta my house long enough to get some kind of cleanliness, orderliness, and semblance in my home. I ordered some furniture, and now i'm just waiting to see that BGE bill lol. To be totally honest, I spent a little bit more than I should've this month, but it's all good because I have enough for rent (lol, I think).

The last few days have been the busiest yet though; but it's ok because I got to cross a few items off of my Life To Do List (which by the way includes making love to Idris Elba, skydiving, going on tour with Fantasia, Beyonce, and the Clark Sisters, etc.)

Yet I digress lol. Anywho, one of my good friends, T who is extremely gifted in the field of music asked me if I would consider singing with him and a group of other talented musicians for a studio recording. of course I obliged, and let me just say, those people are the most talented group of people I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and I don't even regret using my second to last sick day to be apart of this effort.

Now, this is not my first studio experience, it's actually my 6th or 7th, but the professionalism and the sound that was produced by our sound tech/engineer was absolutely amazing.

In 2 days we banged 6 songs out, and for anybody that is familiar with studio recording, or just music in general, that's a lot of ground to cover with singing, breaks, solos, redos, bathroom time, jokin around, etc.

Anyhow,I can't wait til our next session and i'll definitely let you know when our "album" cuts...

The above pictures are of me and the group and them tramps sang me into a filthy dirty frenzy you hear?


One Man’s Opinion said...

Good for you, but you shouldn't misuse your sick days. You just never know. But that's just the parent in me. Do what you damn well please, which I know you will. But I gotta say it, because I care. Really, I do. LOL. Happy Easter, brother.

fuzzy said...

You have got to be the one cheesin from ear to ear!!! Why oh Why?

Btw I haven't heard that saying in a good while!

You did it with a group. When I sang for a recording, the whole first verse was acapella! I had so many redos it wasn't funny! I get agitated when I have to repeat things let alone know I am doing something wrong! I did like the fruits of my labor. I sounded nice after that 1 day! It was one long day but we did 1 song completely. Solo. Too bad that album never was published. (least I didn't have to pay for it either!)

Darius T. Williams said...

Ugh - I hate studio recordings...over dubs...and live recordings...let's just sing a musical or concert and keep going.

Cocoa Rican said...

Look at you with the big smile! It just warms my heart when I look at you smile! You bettah take that ass to'll need those 'slick' days for later...

Chet said...

Sing your heart out and make a joyful noise!

Pleased to hear that you were able to get some much needed order in your apartment. Next time 6'4 should help you with your chores. LOL.

RocaFella07 said...

Ok. Now, when you get big and go on tour opening for Beyonce, DONT forget about US (the lil people)!

Besides, I want all the tea about those hott little dancers. LMAO!

That smile says it ALL!...Glade you had a great time.