Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Update

Soooo, I know I haven't been around "Blogifornia" lately, but things have been a little crazy around here. I between work, cooking, "christening" my apartment with 6'4, and doing any and everything else, I haven't really had time for much else. But no fear, Jared is here to stay!

Basically, the pictures I posted of my crib are pretty much identical to what it looks like now. Boxes and dirty laundry have taken over lol, but it'll be taken care of soon enough.

Communication with my parents has been minimal, but good nonetheless. I think I miss them, but not enough to be home sick...yet. It's only been a week.

I had to call maintenance already because my toilet is backed up and my oven started smoking when I turned it on : (. lol... a mess.

Last night I went to Club Bunns in Baltimore. I am not a big go out, clubby person,so when I go, I do it big. Yes, it was chilly, but No, I didn't let the temperature control my wardrobe choices. I had on some charcoal and white cuffed mid thigh shorts and my Steve Madden knee hi gold cowboy boots and a little seafoam green t-shirt and a big locket and my Marc Jacobs sunglasses.
The night was fun I suppose. I guess as fun as one can imagine. A bunch of alcohol ridden dudes rubbing their hard ons into my back and whispering what they wanted to do to me in the privacy of their homes... yeah, it was alright.

But that's what I've been up to here lately. How've you guys been?


Cocoa Rican said...

BJ...lawd tell me you didn't really rock that outfit in B'Mo....yeah, it's time to send you off to some self defense classes.

If I get down there next month and that house is a mess I'm goin' to bust sum ass! Pull 6'4" out of your booty and get on your knees - to scrub that tub!! - young man!

Where's my whip? I'm gonna have to do some damage up in this piece.

fuzzy said...

I been good! I can't complain much. Ummm, when I get there will there be any safe zones left? My Goodness!

I gotta ask u a question, keep that phone on!

Mr. Jones said...

Oh, Jared.

Chet said...

Yes we did miss you, but gathered as much that youwere probably attending to your new apartment and your beau 6'4

No worries your parents will come around once they realized that they have actually raised an intelligent and responsible young man; their only problem right now is trying to figure out why you wanted so badly to be on your own?

That outfit you wore to B-More must have taken the crowd by storm, I know you looked good!

Okay now it is time to get that house in order, but first get 6'4 off your mattress to help you and by all means get that toilet repaired.

Tyreek James said...

Yo son, sounds like 6'4" is doing just what he's supposed to be doing.

D.LavarJames said...

There's a club in Bmore called Bunz? Imma have to find that, lol

RocaFella07 said...

Ugh! Club BUNNZ sounds so...GAY! LOL!

I hope you didnt REALLY have that outfit on. Who are YOU?...One of the Olsen Twins?


Joey Bahamas said...

WHORE! Don't let those dusty Bmore niggas rub up against you. You might catch something. I've seen some of those dudes and they are begging for a flee dip...without even having to speak. And, weren't you suppose to come to DC?? Nevermind, I stayed in all weekend anyway. Well, besides the shopping trip. Glad to hear all is were really doing shows going out in that weather with shorts...

Monie said...

LOL! Trying to imagine that outfit in my head made me giggle.