Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guess I Got Some 'Splainin To Do

I have received 7 e-mails questioning why I deleted the post I wrote yesterday. It's actually kind of funny...umm...A lot of drama ensued the events of Saturday night, and the people at my job were really trying me, so I figured, all I needed was for a big mouth person who doesn't really like me, to read my blog and spread my business. I had a lapse in judgement with that post, but I don't apologize, because I didn't do anything wrong. All I did was tell the truth and some people just can't seem to be able to handle the truth. You know who you are, and it doesn't matter, because I'm still doing me regardles...hoes (sorry I had to add that).

Ok so this is not a sad day for me, nor is it a sad blog. I am very...something...I don't know what I am, but I'm not sad or angry or anything of that nature. But, I'm also not really happy either...whatever.

So tell me why I got out of school today at my normal time (10:20 am) and I get ready to get in my car and go to work. Ok so, the whole story behind early release students is, if you have met all of your graduation requirements, you can leave early, but the only thing is, you have to either have a car and drive, or have a steady ride. Well, you know how it is, people always lie to get their way, so there are like 25 students who are early release and don't drive or have a ride, so they wait for the other kids that do drive to come out and they hustle a ride. I don't mind giving out rides to people I know and like, because I know how it feels to need a ride! But...when I don't know you, don't ask me for a ride...please and thanks. This girl Kristen that goes to my school is one of those people that I don't really care for, but she always seems to ask me for a ride. I usually whore her up, because she smells bad, and she's just triflin', but today I was in a good mood. So I gave her a ride or whatever, and mind you she lives 20 minutes away, but I still was in a good mood, so I didn't mind the drive....BUT OH NO!!! This bitch had the nerve to pop an E pill in my car! I didn't realize what it was at first, so I was like "what' s wrong you got a headache?" That bitch was like, "Oh no, this is X, do you want one?" I was like "FUCK NO, GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY CAR, BITCH!" She thought it was a game, but oh was she heated when she found out I was serious...needless to say, I don't think she'll be asking me for a ride anymore. Sorry gir!

Oh yeah, thanks Patrik for the love...I almost fell out of my chair when I read your comment. I'm such a big fan of your work.

And thank you Tambi for holdin' me down in the rough patches...things are gettin really messy around the good GAP, but it'll be ok soon!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Fridays...

Yea so this week, I told you guys that I got rid of James ("Gary") and that Jump Off #3 was ELIMINATED! But, also, I was really, very disturbed to hear the news that Noah's Arc wouldn't be coming back to my flat screen TV or iTunes anymore, but to the silver screen in 2008....what a blower. I hope they at least put Season 2 on DVD. Regardless of what anyone said about the acting, wardrobe, storyline, or whatever, it is still one of my favorites shows. I mean I haven't rushed home to catch a TV show since Real World Philadelphia!
On a lighter note, I PASSED ALL MY FINALS!!!! I mean I really didn't have any doubt that I wouldn't, but it still feels good to know for sure! My english exam kicked my ass though. I was really callin' on GOD for that exam!
Also, I saw Stomp the Yard, and I must say, that although I really wasn't to excited to see it (I would've rather seen Dreamgirls) I still really enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts...
  • Ok so, I must admit, I was kinda throwin shade at Meagan Good earlier for her roles in all these "black productions", but to her defense, she did an awesome job. That still doesn't delete the fact that I want to see her win an Oscar in the future.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I went with my dad, and it was SOOO awkward when those sexy ass men had their shirts off...let's just say, my dad was lookin at me extra hard to see if I was starin at those bodies.......and I was
  • It was nice to see some of the people from RIZE on the different dance crews.
  • The storyline was was like "Your Drumline Got Served"....why was it like SUPER PREDICTABLE??
  • I almost cried when Chris Brown got shot. I don't care how fake it looked. I don't even LIKE Chris Brown
  • I LOVED the way Darrin Henson (Grant) kept getting whored OVER and OVER again!
  • Nathan Adams (Theta Stepper #9) was also on Noah's Arc Season 1. He played Dwayne. You guys remember Dwayne. He was the one that worked at Trade Analysis with Ricky and Noah and Alex bet Ricky $20 that he couldn't go without having sex with him. Needless to say, they did have sex, and it made for the HOTTEST sex scene on the whole season! If you haven't seen it, then you don't have Season 1 on DVD or you don't press the Enter button on your remote when the little palm tree comes up on your screen.....either circumstance, you need to get it together!

Ok so, I guess that's it for me. umm....yea, so don't forget to listen to Trent's show tonight. You can download it for iTunes or listen to it through his blog ( Peace and Love....have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Letter to the People

This is the 2nd Installment of Mr. QueerKid's ( column on my page. Once again, it is a very well written piece, so enjoy! Thanks Queer Kid!

Letter to the people

So, I have a bi-weekly column-ish type thing on Jared’s blog here. I’m glad he’s given me the opportunity to be able to write on his blog.

Now, I want to share with you all something dear to me. I never used this letter and no one has ever seen it before today. I wrote it on November 22nd 2005; when I was still discovering my love for writing and discovering my identity. From which things have changed. Again, although this letter was intended to be given out, I never gave it out. But here it is;

P.S. My writing sucks here and my grammar, so bare with me!

Everyday I wake up unhappy. Unhappy to move out of my bed, because I carry a secret. A secret, that can hurt my family and friends. I have kept this secret since June of 2005. When I finally discovered my real identity. All of me wanted to change so that I can go fourth and make everyone else happy. But now I know that I’m not going to change. This is who I am. And if no one likes it then that’s OK. If you can’t deal with the fact that I am like this, it seems like you have issues. I’m not going to live unhappy, while someone else embraces their identity. Truth is; I am a bisexual Dominican. I love myself for it. I love women. I love men. Is that a problem? I hope it’s not. Even if it is I don’t care. I’m fine. I don’t have a disease. I’m not going to die. And I refuse to believe that God is going to condemn me for who I am. Truth of the matter is God loves me. He loves me. God loves me. If he didn’t I wouldn’t be alive today proclaiming to all who I am and who it is that I like.

At the end of this letter you can either love me or hate me. You can choose to not talk to me anymore or you can choose to call me up and tell me that its ok for me to be who I am. If you have receive this letter it is because whether you know it or not you have had a positive affect in my life. I’m always asked how my day is and always say what I think will make people happy. But screw it. I’m tired. I've been depressed and I’m not going to take this anymore. Before coming out to my mother I was depressed to the point of total exhaustion. But its over. No more sleepless nights, no more cutting of the wrist, no more taking pills to what I think will end my days. Those days are over. I wanted to tell you about me. And I did. Go ahead crumble this letter up, throw it in the garbage, go gossip about me, go ahead and torture me, but why should I hide inside a closet?

Many people have laughed and talked about gays and lesbians and bisexual people in front me and expected me to be cool with it. I’m not cool with it at all. The laugh that I give when someone makes a nasty comment is me hiding myself. If you’ve said something about gay, lesbian , bisexual people, in front of me I don’t forgive you. Not the least bit. I guess you weren’t quick enough to judge.

Now, I want to thank the sick school who called me a “faggot” or “homo” without me even confirming it. To correct you I am BISEXUAL. I’m thanking you not because of the nasty comments, but because you have pressured me into finally coming out.
I’m done. This is me. I’m still bisexual. I will never change. I don’t want to change. I doubt that I will change. I’m the source to my own identity.

If you have a problem with me and who I am…well…It sounds like your personal problem now.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jared's Next Top Jump-Off

Ok, so as I said yesterday, I have (or actually had) 3 Jump-Offs that were in the running to becoming Jared's Next Top Jump-Off (JNTJ). I received a lot of flack about that..I won't put any names out there, but I was called a hoe and a freak (jokingly of course) and I was told that I was too young to be having sex anyway. But whatever. I figured since Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and it's too close to the 14th for me to actually fall in love, I might as well have some fun. And then my birthday (May 9th people, May 9th) is coming, and you guys already know what's going down then!
So anyways, I have these three guys that are trying to get me bodied right now, but I thought I'd talk to all of them at the same time and then narrow down the one that I wanted to be with (I know somebody's gonna call me a ho for that). So here are the descriptions:

J-O #1: Tall, chocolate brotha with dreds. 19 years old. Kinda shy. Has only had sex once with a guy, none with a girl. Works 2 jobs and has his own car, and pays his own rent by himself. Really sexy...36" waist. Don't ask me how I know that.

J-O #2: Tall, chocolate, kinda thick brotha. Braids. 20 years old. Really outgoing, but not in a queenie type of way. Really funny. Who knows how many people he's had sex with. Works as an EMT and has his own car and pays his own rent by himself. Not as fine as J-O#1 but his personality makes up for it.

J-0#3: Medium height (5'7-5'8), skinny dude with a little bush. 20 years old. LOVES MUSIC. We can talk about music on the phone for hours. He's one of those souly kind of Common type of guys. Works at Hollister. No car. Lives at home with his mom. Finer than J-O#2, but not as fine as J-O#1.

So this is the deal. J-O#3 was kicked off of my reality show yesterday. The whole story behind that is wild. On Sunday, we were talking on the phone and he was at American Eagle buying sweatshirts. He bought like 3 and they were like 30 bucks each. Ok, so there's nothing wrong with that. But wait, yesterday I texted him to see how he was doing and he said bad, so I asked him why things were going so bad. He texted me back saying "I need $16 to get to work and my dad is in iraq." I texted him back like whatre you talking about? He was like "oh srry. a bus pass costs $16 for a week and my dad usually gives me the money when I don't have it but hes in Iraq right I don't know what I'm gonna do." Then this nigga goes on to ask me if I would drive to Baltimore County, which is like 45 minutes away from my house and give him $20....Nigga What?! no No NO! There are 2 reasons that I didn't do him the favor:

  1. He's not my man...he's just a jump off
  2. Nigga you was buyin sweatshirts at American Eagle!! You shoulda been buyin bus passes!!

So needless to say, I was like. I have in my hands, 2 photgraphs..Whoevers name I do not call, must immediately pack their sweatshirts and go back to momma's house! For those of you who have never seen America's Next Top Model, and don't know what happens after she doesn't show you your picture....well let's just say, they go home.

J-O#3, you are no longer in the running to being Jared's Next Top Jump-Off....sorry!

I'll keep you guys posted on the other 2 as things happen, but remember to stay away from


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Ain't No Feelin' Like Bein' FREE"

YESSS!! Me and "Gary" finally got ourselves together!! The whole story behind me and this "Gary" character is funny because like he thought he could have sex with my friend, and do it "secretly" so that I wouldn't find out about it...HA!! Well, needless to say "Gary" whose real name is James...I don't know why I've been protecting his identity all this time...and my ex-friend Jonathan are no longer in my circle! I was so mad, I didn't even "Ring the Alarm" like I said I was gonna do if he ever cheated. Oh well!
So anyways, as everybody has probably experienced by now at least once, when you're in a relationship and it goes awry, the offender always wanna be blowin up your phone and sendin you text messages and hittin' up your MySpace talkin bout how sorry he is...WHATEVER! You shoulda thought about that before you went stickin' around!
So Sunday (our first snow of the year), he texts me and he was like, remember when we met? This was significant, because last year we met on the first snow of the year and it was all romantic and stuff. So he got me at my point of weakness, and I texted him back like "yea, so". And he's like "don't act like that, I'm sorry" and so I was like "I'm sorry too, that you felt the need to do what you did". So then he was like "man, how many times do I have to apologize?". I was like "don't try to put it on me, like I was the one in the wrong." So finally he was like "where does that leave us then?" and I was like "we're done."
YOU DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD THAT FEELS!! See we were like in a pending relationship status for like 3 months. I mean, we both knew what was up, but we never sat down and said, "hey it's over, stop calling me", it was more of me finding out and not speaking to him anymore. So now I'm trying to decide which jump-off I want to keep for Valentine's Day and my birthday, cuz you know it's gonna be on, on both of those days! It is NOT a I have 3 Jump-Offs right now and they all have potential but only one can be Jared's Next Top Jump-Off.
I'll go more into detail about them tomorrow, cuz they're funny to me. Jump-Off # 1 and I have a date on Friday night, so keep your fingers crossed, and I'll keep my legs crossed!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Things I Hate About Myspace and Other Various Dating/Networking Sites

I have been on myspace since last year and I've been on some other dating/networking sites for about that time as well. It's cool, because I've met a lot of people and found some people that I haven't seen in years. BUT, there are some things that I absolutely can't stand about these sites and I have comprised a list that I will share with you now.

  • I HATE when people post those stupid bulletins talkin' bout "OMG This Really Works!!!!!" and the bulletin has some great "Myspace profile counter" or some "Top 100" I hate that shit!! It doesn't work!
  • I HATE when people have like 6,000're stupid....go play on train tracks
  • I HATE when people put pictures in their photo album and they put a caption on it saying "I'm so ugly", or "I'm so fat" you're not, and if you were, you wouldn't have posted the picture.
  • I CAN'T STAND when people post those bulletins with some pointless shit in it and then at the bottom say "send this to 10 people in the next 3 minutes or your love life is gonna suck for the next 10 years" Ok my love life already sucks, so I have nothing to lose.
  • I HATE when people send you threats over these sites. Fighting over the internet is like being in a spelling bee.....even if you win, you're still a dork.(except for Akeelah)
  • I HATE when people that I don't even talk to wonder why they are not on my Top Friends list...How 'bout, because I don't like you whore. Remove yourself from my presence.
  • I HATE when dumb people send you a friend request and when you delete it, they send you another message saying "what's up witchu not accepting me?" I don't want your foolishness on my page! That's what's up!
  • I REALLY CAN'T STAND when like little slutty 12 year olds try to hit your page up and send you filthy, horny little messages and call you daddy and all this other messy craziness. I'm like, "I'm going to forward this to the police as well as your mother, and don't you have a spelling test to be studying for?"
  • I DON'T LIKE when people send you messages that say..."what's up yo, are you a top or a bottom, cuz im tryna get atchu"....WHAT?! no no no and NO!!

I'm really not bitching or anything...actually, I think some of this stuff is funny. I think if people would just contemplate what they do before they do it, Myspace and those other wannabe sites would be a whole lot more tell me you don't agree!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Cried My Last Tear Yesterday

Last night, I got home from my first job tired and irritated, but I couldn't go to sleep. I had to change my clothes and go right to my second job. All this working and going to school is fun, but it gets crazy sometimes, because you don't have time to even think on your own. This has been going on for about 6 months now, and yesterday, I hit BOILING POINT!!!!
First of all, before I even got into my job, I saw my ex "Gary" with some other little nasty somebody, and that was like STRIKE 1. Then, when I got into work, some lady called me stupid because I couldn't find her size....In my mind I was like "Bitch! Didn't nobody tell your fat ass to come in here lookin for your size." Soooo, I cried. I cried and I cried. I cried like a little BIATCH!I boohoo cried, right in front of that lady. I went into the back of the store and everyone was like "Oh my God, are you ok??? Oh my God!" I had the sympathy vote lol. Oh yea by the way that was STRIKE 2. So then my manager saw me crying and he was like "what's wrong?!" and dadadada so I told him what happened and he let me go home. THEN, "Gary" called me and was like, "let's hang out tonight. I was like, "No, why don't you stay with the guy I saw you with earlier?" and he was like "I wasn't with no guy earlier, what are you talking about?" STRIKE 3. I hung up the phone!! Don't fuckin lie! So needless to say, I cried some more, and laid in my own misery until about 7:30 when my friend Zurich called.

When I answered, he immediately noticed the change in my voice and was like "what's wrong with you" and I was like "just a lot of stuff goin on" and he was like "ok i'm coming over now". So he came over and my mood was immediately changed because at 8:00 American Idol came on...What!? I was DYIN'!!!!!!!!

Now, let me just say I PROMISED myself I wasn't going to watch the season premier and get sucked into the foolishness of the horrible contestants. But....I guess I lied..I loved every minute of the horrible fools that just KNEW that they were the best thing to ever hit the American Idol stage. I know the people that watched it know what I'm talking about. My favorite was the girl with the braids and tie that couldn't seem to get Prince's "Kiss" together.

I am really happy to have friends like Zurich, that you can watch stupid mess with and just adjust your whole attitude. So, now I'm back to my old bubbly self and I'm happy about it, cuz now that I think about it, I'm like "bitch, get it together!" Here are some messy pix from American Idol (Seattle) last night.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All This Strife and Shade Throwing

Ok so, I went to the bank today to cash my check and I was next in line for this for this bank teller that was obviously gay. He had on these tight dress pants and a womens' sweater and a tight vest with a grey and white herringbone fedora. Of course he had his lebrae pierced with the Destiny's Child charm bracelet that he bought from the Destiny Fulfilled Tour, because I saw them when I went. But I digress.
So I get up to the counter and I was like, I'm here to cash my check. So he gave me this little side look like "so what, who cares?". So I just pretended that I didn't see it and proceeded to give him my ID and my credit card and stuff and he tried to proces my information. While I was waiting I told him that his hair was cute (he had like a little Darryl Stephens curl). He said to me: "I know, everything about me is.".......See it's a new year, and I promised myself that I wasn't going to go there with blatantly ignorant people, so I didn't I just stared at him.
I'm getting SOOOO tired of these little nasty, muscle butt, feminine, queeny, cunt, gay people that think they're celebrites! Now let me clear the record before I get dogged. I am totally not against feminine homosexuals...I mean what can I say? I can be pretty feminine at times too, but in all that, I don't lose perspective. I am just a normal person like everybody else, and for somebody to think that they're above somebody over some stupid nonsensical bull, is totally confusing to me. Also let me set the record straight on the fact that I am not just talking about bottoms, I am talking about tops too, because I have seen the inner Beyonce' come out of some "homothugs" too. I guess what I'm trying to say is, can we please have an accurate display of ourselves? I mean, I know there are times that we all feel like we are the shit(sorry ReddMann), but let's keep it under control!

Monday, January 15, 2007

This Past Weekend!!!

To say this past weekend was crazier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest is the understatement of the YEAR....and we're only 15 days into it! Saturday was my bestest friend Kordale's (Smuffin) 18th Birthday....and OH we showed out!!!! Me, Kordale, and my other friends Reggie and AJ painted the town rainbow, and I definitely have no regrets about it. We started out at Red Robin (which me and my friend Melissa visited and loved last weekend!). And we laughed so hard in there that I didn't even eat my food!!! I should have though cuz that shit was 9 dollars, but nonethelss...So anyways, we were off the HOOK in that restaurant. We had all the Whites looking uneasy and uncomfortable! We talked about everything from penis to...well umm...penis, and our waitress (who eerily resembled Mya) was even jumpin in on it!(she got a $25 tip)...So then, when it was time for the waiters and waitresses to sing the little "happy happy birthday" song, I handpicked the waiters and waitresses that I wanted to sing in the birthday wasn't a game...I didn't want any greasy waiters all over our cake, nor did I want that nasty Harry Potter look alike!!! So yea that was fun. So we go back to the local mall and visited our other friend Brandon who couldn't come because he had to work, but he had an attitude that I wasn't feelin, so he had to go! Later on, we went to the bowling alley for like the little midnight bowl thing, but the lady said that they didn't have any more lanes...I just think it was cuz they didn't want 4 black faggots taking their bowling alley over...whatever she had a Donald Trump comb-over anyways...stupid bitch! But, it was good that the bowling alley was full because then we did the gayest thing 4 gay kids could do.....go skating!!! I haven't been skating in YEARS. Last time I went skating was when I went with the church youth and this nasty skank named Shirelle gave this boy head behind the dumpster....that filthy ho..I can't stand her...BUT I DIGRESS.....So yea when we got in there, all the white people pulled their kids over to the side....better for me, cuz they weren't in my way! Skating was a lot of fun, besides the fact that Reggie was actin like he had a vagina and was like "I can't skate, I don't wanna, I don't feel like it." Whatever bitch! Oh yeah, I have NEVER seen so many little kids bust their ASS like was SOOOO fuggin funny! So by this point the night was about to be over, so we all go back to the mall to get our cars and go home, when we see these drunk ass white people getting ready to go at it in the parking lot! They were like "Bitch, fuck you Carrie!" and the other white people were like "No FUCK YOU! Motherfucker, Do you have a fucking problem with me?!" and the other white people were like "Whatever...whatever, whatever!" and then the other white people were like "shut the fuck up!!!"....that was icing on a cake that would've been good without!! So...Happy Birthday Smuffin..I hope you'll celebrate many many more!!!
Oh yea, I wouldve had pictures of this whole event, but Kordale's "ponk ass" didn't email them to me like he was supposed to....bitch.
Ok so I'm about to be selfish for a minute...if you thought Kordale's birthday would be fun, wait til mine comes in 3 monts and 23 days. I am already in Preparation for my B'Day and oh what a day that will BE!!!! I need to get my "Freakum Dress" so that I can "Get Bodied" on that day!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Random Fridays

Last night I was racking my brain for something to write about today. But, all I got was a piece about my celebrity crushes, but that would be the longest blog EVER because I have so many of them. And then if I put pictures on there?? Oh no! And anyway, everybody should already know how I feel about: LL, Andre 3000, Larenz Tate, Idris Elba(yessss!!!), Will Smith, Jensen Atwood(YESSS!!!), Boris Kodjoe, Ludacris, Lil Scrappy, Big Boi, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade (yeesssssss!!!!!). See what I mean? That would've taken forever, and I still have so many more ::cough::Diddy::cough:: SOOOO...I'm going to just be random for a couple minutes so bear with me please!!
  • Thank you to everyone that responded to my interview! I didn't realize people were going to like it that much! That is really crazy!
  • A lot of people have been asking me about the "How Would it Feel to be Gay" series. I called the board of education and I talked to a woman and she said that my parents would have to be involved if it went any further, so since I wasn't totally out to my parents, it wouldn't really be a good idea. So, I just left alone. Oh well, at the rate things are going in our culture, there'll be a whole slew of other causes I can fight for....Not to mention I've been called an overexaggerating queen on more than one occasion.
  • I can NOT for the life of me finish watching RENT...I always fall asleep!
  • Meryl Streep was a BAD BITCH in "The Devil Wears Prada". I want to be just like her when I grow up.
  • Is it just me, or is that movie "Stomp the Yard" not at all appetizing...well besides the fact that I saw like 30 shirtless men in the preview.
  • Speaking of "Stomp the Yard", Meagan Good needs to be in a movie that will broaden her horizons. She's been in every Ghetto Black production imagineable: "Biker Boyz", "You Got Served", "Deliver Us From Eva"(actually I kinda liked this movie), "Waist Deep", "The Cookout"....Need I go further?!
  • Oh yeah, I just thought of something for a blog....!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My interview with Kordale B.

Ok so, I'm always on people's blog and they have all these interviews with important/famous people (QueerKid, Clay Cane). So, I thought about it and I realized I don't know any famous people, but I do have friends, so I interviewed my bestest friend in the whole world, Kordale. It's nothing really in depth or thought provoking, I just thought it would be fun, so here it is.

Jared: What are you doing?

Kordale: Right now?

J: No, tomorrow. Yes right now!

K: Whatever, nothing just waiting for my cousin to get off of work so I can go pick him up and listening to my Zune.

J: Oh, you got one of those?

K: Yeah.

J: For Christmas?

K: Yeah.

J: Ok so, what are you listening to the most on there?

K: Well I downloaded the Ciara CD and a little bit of Fantasia.

J: OH that's my SHIT! What did you get off of there?

K: Just that one song "Hood Boy".

J: Bitch you need to get on it...get the whole CD please.

K: OK.

J: Ok so, a lot of people are talking about size...does size matter to you?

K: No, just as long as the person has one.

J: Wow, you're nasty.

K: But I'm honest.

J: Let's not EVEN get into that! So are you ready to graduate?

K: I first I didn't know what I wanted to do, but now I do

J: Which is going to the military, right?

K: Yep

J: Are you scared?

K: No not really, I'm just having second thoughts. I still want to do stuff with animals.

J: Ill like what?

K: Like work at a zoo or something...

J: Wow, I never knew that...that's interesting. You're serious right?

K: Yeah, very serious.

J: So are you single?

K: Yup.

J: Are you looking?

K: Yea, but I'm kinda talking to somebody too.

J: I hope you're not talking about that rich guy.

K: No.

J: Or that other guy.

K: No.

J: Oh ok. So let's talk about your relationship with Raoul*.

K: That bitch.

J: Yea I knew that would get you hot!

K: I don't even want to talk about it.

J: This is MY interview ho. You're gonna talk about it.

K: Anyway...He just really made me mad.

J: Yeah I know, I was about to cut him when I met him.

K: Yeah and that's the other thing, I don't like how he disrespected you. You come before anybody I date.

J: Awwwwww!!!! Really?

K: Yeah, you know that.

J: I know, I'm just making sure YOU know.

K: Whatever.

J: Ok so let's get off of that...Saturday you'll be the big 1-8. Do you have any plans besides the ones we've already made? Any tattoos or piercings or anything?

K: Well I can't get any tattoos because of the military, but I do want to get my tongue pierced.

J: Ill why?

K: So I can give better head.

J: I hope you know that I'm writing that.

K: NOOO come on I forgot that we were recording.

J: Your fault; I'm writing it!

K: Whatever. But yeah, I'm gonna get my tongue pierced, but I'm not saying anything because Darren* just got his pierced, and he'll think I'm copying him.

J: When did Darren* get his tongue pierced?

K: A while ago.

J: I don't like him...he's a clown.

K: Yeah I know me neither, but I'm not going to hate on him because it's a new year and I said I wasn't going to.

J: I couldn't have said it if there's nothing else, I think we're finished here.

K: I hope, cuz you're getting on my nerves.

J: Whatever...thank you for letting me interview you!

K: No problem anytime.

So that's it people!'d I do?! lol.

*Names were changed to protect bullshitters!

Cock & Bull: The search for the perfect Cock

Hey people...this is the first installment of the post that Queer Kid of Color ( has so graciously agreed to write for my blog every other Thursday. It is called Cock & Bull: The search for the perfect Cock. It is really well written, so enjoy!

I have met plenty of good guys in the two years that I have been a part of the gay scene. Guys who enjoyed my company, guys who would say I seduced them with my personality. So what a surprise that since being a great guy I still have managed to be single. NO! DON’T GO! THIS ISNT A BITCH AND RAVE ABOUT ME BEING SINGLE. BITCH DON’T CHANGE BLOGS! Anyways, contrary to whatever I may say, I think I’m the perfect gentlemen. Even though I may be just a little stubborn when it comes to picking and choosing carefully who I like. I’ve never dated either. I just “hung out” with guys. Which leads me to this transition:

I finally thought to leave my stubborn ways, stop thinking that I’m above the guys who like me and give this one guy the opportunity to change my perceptions about the other gays I’ve encountered. To sum it all up, I thought I met the perfect cock.

I was wrong.

The perfect cock turned out to be an English gentlemen who is having a love affair with his church, an undercover straight guy who doesn’t like being gay and who thought homosexuality is a sin. I was induced by his state of mind, enticed by the words he chose to speak, captivated by how articulate he was and moved enough to mentally piece together a life of ecstasy. So why am I still running behind him? Why am I still making out with him in his car? Why do I feel affection for someone who thinks I’m a sin? No, I’m not desperate. Trust. I’m not. Patience for relationships is something I have no problem exercising. I’m running behind this perfect ten of a man because I’m afraid that perhaps he will realize some day he isn’t straight and decide to find another man. I feel like there is no one like him. When he finally finds out that he isn’t straight, I want to be the first face he sees and the first person he thinks about when it hits him that there’s nothing wrong with being same gender loving because after all its survival of the fittest and we’re all looking for the prefect cock.

Jazmine Sullivan

This girl....mmm....I don't even know what to say about her. Jazmine Sullivan is a singer that my friend Myra put me on to, and I do NOT regret being a groupie for her. Oh my GOD this girl is talented. She has been compared to Kim Burell and Kiki Sheard, but I have put her in a category of her own. You know when you listen to something and you only hear a little bit but it's so good, you have to just pause it and shout for a minute? That's what she does to me! She wrote a song for Kindred and she wrote Say I for Christina Milian, but the sad thing is, she's better than Christina Milian! Sorry Christina, no shade here. And,..I think she's only like 19 or 20. If you have LimeWire, which everyone should, she's on there. Anyway,this girl is too fierce for words, so I'm gonna let her music speak for itself...oh yea look out for Mr. QueerKid's ( post on my blog and the interview I did with my best friend today.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me and My Ex

Ok so, yesterday I'm doing my daily internet browse and you know I hit the good MySpace. So I have all these new messages and friend requests and such, and in my Inbox I have a message from somebody who I don't recognize, cuz you know how people always change their pictures to inanimate objects and things that don't make any sense. So anyway, I look at the subject and the subject is "Tui, we need to talk".....oh shit, here we go. Tui is the nickname my ex-boyfriend gave me and nobody else calls me that, so I knew it was only one person. I was kinda shocked that he sent me a message, but what we had to talk about wasn't clear. I thought we were done talking a couple months ago...but whatever. So I read the message and this is what it said...I'll clarify what he's talking about in red.
Babe, (ok so when did you get the permission to call me babe again?) we need to talk about some things. I know I did you dirty and I was wrong, but I think we can werk (ok spell check?!) this out. Please call me. You're being as stubborn as always and that's part of the reason why I love you (cut the bull). So, let me know what's going on. I miss hearing your voice and we never finished I Say A Little Prayer. (I used to read to him every night over the phone, and we were reading I Say A Little Prayer by E. Lynn Harris before he started acting stupid...oh well he's a loser.) I was looking at this message with a blank expression, and then.....I just started crackin up. Nigga please, we haven't talked in 2 months. You haven't made any attempts to call my number that is still the same or come to the job that you KNOW I work at every weekend. Whatever. So this is what I sent him back.

Gary*, cut the bull! Thanks!

*Names were changed to protect the bullshitter!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Me Doin' Me!

Me doin' me right like it, don't lie.


So I brought that bill from the State Highway Administration to work (I work at State Farm Insurance) and I talked to my boss about it and he said that my insurance would cover that $700!!!!! YEEEESSSS!! I was like good cuz don't nobody have no $700 to just be givin' away, what is wrong with them? So that is a huge burden lifted off of me. I don't know WHAT I would've done if I had to pay that. Like, I woulda had to sell my body or something...$700 is a lot of bread. So that's it. I'm super happy about it!

Monday, January 8, 2007

This Goddam Bill!

Ok so, I got in a car accident in October where I pulled out and this asshole sped up and hit me on the back seat driver's side....I went on the other side of the street and he rammed into the guardrail and F'd it UP! So since I pulled out and he was the oncoming traffic, the accident was considered my fault...oops my bad! So my insurance paid for his car or whatever and it was done, but why the fuck did I get a bill from the State Highway Administration in the mail for $698.75 for the repair of the guard rail???!!! I was SOO heated..i'm hoping my insurance will cover that shit, but who knows...Whenever I start to stack my bread, something like this always happens and I'm always back at 0...oh well.

I'm Back!

Hey guys I'm back from the weekend. This weekend seemed really long. I enjoyed myself actually..I only worked 2/3 days of the weekend and nobody was "throwin shade" at me on myspace! Oh yeah, I hear Mr. Cool J is writing a book? What's that all about? If he was smart, he would just make a 300 page picture book or something. Oh well his life. What else did I do this weekend?? Oh yeah I saw Dreamgirls again. That makes numero cuatro. I fell in love with it all over again. Oh yeah and I went to this great restaurant called Red Robin with my friend Melissa..I have some pictures of that actually...I'll post that today. There was somethin else major that happened to me this weekend, but I forget!! I hate that. OH YEAH!! I got this bill in the mail...well you know what? That's a whole 'nother blog, but until then, here are those pictures. I'm so goofy!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Have a good weekend!

Hey this is Jared...I didn't have much to say today, so I just thought I'd wish everyone a very lovely weekend. Talk to you all Monday!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

Hey errybody this is Jared letting you guys know about something I'm doing for the new year. I have asked my fellow blogger and new friend "Queer Kid"( to start writing a little column on my page, and he has agreed!!! I just thought it would be cool to get somebody on here to talk about whatever and give me a lil break when I have stupid writer's block. So starting next Thursday, Mr. QueerKid is gonna do a lil bi-weekly column on my blog...I'm really excited about it...I just have to think of a title for it...any suggestions? Anyway, fellas this is what it's all about. Finding good people out there with their head on straight and connecting with them. So look out for that on umm....the....11th of this month. Oh yea and thanks for all the people reading my blog out guys's support is what keeps me from not doing my work and writing on here all day!! ; )

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I hate it when straight girls/I love it when straight girls

I hate it when straight girls:
  1. Find out you're gay and then say "Oooh my couzin Peaches is gay, I'ma hook y'all up." I'm like no bitch, don't nobody wanna meet no damn Peaches..girl please!
  2. Say.."Oooh you are so funny, are all gay guys funny?" I'm like actually no, I've met some gay people that were just not at all remotely funny
  3. Thinks it's acceptable to call you girl just cuz they saw a show on UPN where a female called a gay person girl.
  4. Try to act like they know how it feels to be gay
  5. Think that you are their personal shopper

I love it when straight girls:

  1. Can dress their asses off!!!
  2. Make a connection with you and you guys are friends forever
  3. Are not ashamed to claim you as a friend in public
  4. Stick up for you and take your side, even though you BOTH know you're wrong
  5. Are ready to cuss anybody out and make loose threats that you both know aren't going to be fulfilled.

Church on New Years?

Ok so first of all, let me say Happy New Year to urrybody! I'm really excited about this year and I am looking forward to the fresh and new experiences that I'll have this year. Now, of course I'm not oblivious to the fact that there will be some drama and mess going on, but, hey. I'm planning on just rollin' right through it. Oh yea by the way, Jared's New Year's Resolution is: I am going to watch my mouth this year!!! Lately my mouth as been OUT OF CONTROL and I need to bring it back. I just say anything outta my mouth and that has GOT to stop lol. A lot of people say it's just honesty, but my mouth reaches beyond that into the territory of rudeness. If I learned anything in Sunday School that still applies to me today is that the mouth is a weapon, and I've been a weapon of MASS Destruction. So, yeah, I'm gonna work on that.
But anyway, everbody knows that around December 28-29 that people always ask "Oh, so what are you doin' for New Year's?" or "I know you're going to the club come New Years". So, people were really surprised to find out that I was going to church on New Year's Eve/Day for their annual "watch night service"....hmmm...I was actually kind of surprised too. Now, I've been raised in the church, so the church members would've been appauled if I was anywhere else but church, but this past year I realized that I can do what I want, so...I hadn't planned on going. Well, after a few nudges from my mother, I finally caved and I went...and I don't regret it!!
A lot of people who I was gonna hang out with were telling me what I missed and I wasn't really impressed. Here's a brief list of what I missed:

1. getting totally wasted and f**ked up
2. getting arrested for trespassing! (I almost broke my resolution on that one)
3. eating myself into a McDonald's induced stupor
4. "gettin some"
5. sleeping

Hmm...wasn't missing really anything, but here's what I got by going to church...

1. hearing a praise team that was OFF THA HOOK
2. seeing some people that I haven't seen or heard from in years
3. having my own lil stand up routine in the pew (i had them fools CRACKIN UP!!)
4. not having to endure a sermon that was full of crude humor, and anti-gay slurs
5. homemade chicken and waffles afterwards

You can't beat that shit! You just can't! So needless to say, unless some horrible circumstance comes about, I'll probably be in church again for next New Year's. I really and honestly had a good time! You guys should go!...Now church on Sunday mornings...that my friends is a different story....