Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Cried My Last Tear Yesterday

Last night, I got home from my first job tired and irritated, but I couldn't go to sleep. I had to change my clothes and go right to my second job. All this working and going to school is fun, but it gets crazy sometimes, because you don't have time to even think on your own. This has been going on for about 6 months now, and yesterday, I hit BOILING POINT!!!!
First of all, before I even got into my job, I saw my ex "Gary" with some other little nasty somebody, and that was like STRIKE 1. Then, when I got into work, some lady called me stupid because I couldn't find her size....In my mind I was like "Bitch! Didn't nobody tell your fat ass to come in here lookin for your size." Soooo, I cried. I cried and I cried. I cried like a little BIATCH!I boohoo cried, right in front of that lady. I went into the back of the store and everyone was like "Oh my God, are you ok??? Oh my God!" I had the sympathy vote lol. Oh yea by the way that was STRIKE 2. So then my manager saw me crying and he was like "what's wrong?!" and dadadada so I told him what happened and he let me go home. THEN, "Gary" called me and was like, "let's hang out tonight. I was like, "No, why don't you stay with the guy I saw you with earlier?" and he was like "I wasn't with no guy earlier, what are you talking about?" STRIKE 3. I hung up the phone!! Don't fuckin lie! So needless to say, I cried some more, and laid in my own misery until about 7:30 when my friend Zurich called.

When I answered, he immediately noticed the change in my voice and was like "what's wrong with you" and I was like "just a lot of stuff goin on" and he was like "ok i'm coming over now". So he came over and my mood was immediately changed because at 8:00 American Idol came on...What!? I was DYIN'!!!!!!!!

Now, let me just say I PROMISED myself I wasn't going to watch the season premier and get sucked into the foolishness of the horrible contestants. But....I guess I lied..I loved every minute of the horrible fools that just KNEW that they were the best thing to ever hit the American Idol stage. I know the people that watched it know what I'm talking about. My favorite was the girl with the braids and tie that couldn't seem to get Prince's "Kiss" together.

I am really happy to have friends like Zurich, that you can watch stupid mess with and just adjust your whole attitude. So, now I'm back to my old bubbly self and I'm happy about it, cuz now that I think about it, I'm like "bitch, get it together!" Here are some messy pix from American Idol (Seattle) last night.


Anonymous said...

Seattle tonight...last nite was Minnesota (Prince's home state)

luv your blog! Just started reading it last week. Keep it up man!

Marz said...


I was laughing when her mother was like, " She should have sung 'sweet home alabama' first".


Trent Jackson said...

That bitch in that tie was lesbionic. I was trying to figure out what she was singing...then it hit me...

Anyway...we all go through shit. It's apart of our story forming. Everything is a test-a learning experience and you know that you've learned your lesson when the same shit stops bothering you and you dont let people who don't appreciate you get under your skin.

It's always important to take YOU time! Fuck that second job! Fuck the first one! I don't know what your situation is...find time for you, even if it means turning off the cell phone, the computer, shutting of the ringers and just being still. You'll appreciate the time you have with yourself. Because at the end of the day, you are the only one that matters.