Thursday, January 25, 2007

Letter to the People

This is the 2nd Installment of Mr. QueerKid's ( column on my page. Once again, it is a very well written piece, so enjoy! Thanks Queer Kid!

Letter to the people

So, I have a bi-weekly column-ish type thing on Jared’s blog here. I’m glad he’s given me the opportunity to be able to write on his blog.

Now, I want to share with you all something dear to me. I never used this letter and no one has ever seen it before today. I wrote it on November 22nd 2005; when I was still discovering my love for writing and discovering my identity. From which things have changed. Again, although this letter was intended to be given out, I never gave it out. But here it is;

P.S. My writing sucks here and my grammar, so bare with me!

Everyday I wake up unhappy. Unhappy to move out of my bed, because I carry a secret. A secret, that can hurt my family and friends. I have kept this secret since June of 2005. When I finally discovered my real identity. All of me wanted to change so that I can go fourth and make everyone else happy. But now I know that I’m not going to change. This is who I am. And if no one likes it then that’s OK. If you can’t deal with the fact that I am like this, it seems like you have issues. I’m not going to live unhappy, while someone else embraces their identity. Truth is; I am a bisexual Dominican. I love myself for it. I love women. I love men. Is that a problem? I hope it’s not. Even if it is I don’t care. I’m fine. I don’t have a disease. I’m not going to die. And I refuse to believe that God is going to condemn me for who I am. Truth of the matter is God loves me. He loves me. God loves me. If he didn’t I wouldn’t be alive today proclaiming to all who I am and who it is that I like.

At the end of this letter you can either love me or hate me. You can choose to not talk to me anymore or you can choose to call me up and tell me that its ok for me to be who I am. If you have receive this letter it is because whether you know it or not you have had a positive affect in my life. I’m always asked how my day is and always say what I think will make people happy. But screw it. I’m tired. I've been depressed and I’m not going to take this anymore. Before coming out to my mother I was depressed to the point of total exhaustion. But its over. No more sleepless nights, no more cutting of the wrist, no more taking pills to what I think will end my days. Those days are over. I wanted to tell you about me. And I did. Go ahead crumble this letter up, throw it in the garbage, go gossip about me, go ahead and torture me, but why should I hide inside a closet?

Many people have laughed and talked about gays and lesbians and bisexual people in front me and expected me to be cool with it. I’m not cool with it at all. The laugh that I give when someone makes a nasty comment is me hiding myself. If you’ve said something about gay, lesbian , bisexual people, in front of me I don’t forgive you. Not the least bit. I guess you weren’t quick enough to judge.

Now, I want to thank the sick school who called me a “faggot” or “homo” without me even confirming it. To correct you I am BISEXUAL. I’m thanking you not because of the nasty comments, but because you have pressured me into finally coming out.
I’m done. This is me. I’m still bisexual. I will never change. I don’t want to change. I doubt that I will change. I’m the source to my own identity.

If you have a problem with me and who I am…well…It sounds like your personal problem now.

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