Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Fridays...

Yea so this week, I told you guys that I got rid of James ("Gary") and that Jump Off #3 was ELIMINATED! But, also, I was really, very disturbed to hear the news that Noah's Arc wouldn't be coming back to my flat screen TV or iTunes anymore, but to the silver screen in 2008....what a blower. I hope they at least put Season 2 on DVD. Regardless of what anyone said about the acting, wardrobe, storyline, or whatever, it is still one of my favorites shows. I mean I haven't rushed home to catch a TV show since Real World Philadelphia!
On a lighter note, I PASSED ALL MY FINALS!!!! I mean I really didn't have any doubt that I wouldn't, but it still feels good to know for sure! My english exam kicked my ass though. I was really callin' on GOD for that exam!
Also, I saw Stomp the Yard, and I must say, that although I really wasn't to excited to see it (I would've rather seen Dreamgirls) I still really enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts...
  • Ok so, I must admit, I was kinda throwin shade at Meagan Good earlier for her roles in all these "black productions", but to her defense, she did an awesome job. That still doesn't delete the fact that I want to see her win an Oscar in the future.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I went with my dad, and it was SOOO awkward when those sexy ass men had their shirts off...let's just say, my dad was lookin at me extra hard to see if I was starin at those bodies.......and I was
  • It was nice to see some of the people from RIZE on the different dance crews.
  • The storyline was was like "Your Drumline Got Served"....why was it like SUPER PREDICTABLE??
  • I almost cried when Chris Brown got shot. I don't care how fake it looked. I don't even LIKE Chris Brown
  • I LOVED the way Darrin Henson (Grant) kept getting whored OVER and OVER again!
  • Nathan Adams (Theta Stepper #9) was also on Noah's Arc Season 1. He played Dwayne. You guys remember Dwayne. He was the one that worked at Trade Analysis with Ricky and Noah and Alex bet Ricky $20 that he couldn't go without having sex with him. Needless to say, they did have sex, and it made for the HOTTEST sex scene on the whole season! If you haven't seen it, then you don't have Season 1 on DVD or you don't press the Enter button on your remote when the little palm tree comes up on your screen.....either circumstance, you need to get it together!

Ok so, I guess that's it for me. umm....yea, so don't forget to listen to Trent's show tonight. You can download it for iTunes or listen to it through his blog ( Peace and Love....have a lovely weekend!


Queer Kid Of Color said...

You got rid of J/0 3?

I hate you.

I was rooting for him
Nothing liike a guy who can talk 2 u for hours...

Now hurry up and hook me up with your bf

Cocoa Rican said...

Congrats on the finals! I'm still walkin' around like my best friend moved since they announced NA was cancelled! I hear you on the cancellation of JO#3. As it turns out, I've been doing shyt I never do... namely, making dates I call-back to cancel... I think in the back of my mind I got some shyt cookin' up...
Who's left? JO#2? Please tell me that wasn't the ug-mug?

j_shanlin said...

ok first of all queer kid...we don't root for losers that buy luxuries when they have necessities. we need to talk cuz i thought we would be on the same page. and i will never hook u up with him, because that would be passing on a loser, and I'm not for it!
..and cocoa rican, i am SOOO done with logo right now..i'm gonna miss alex, his trademark phrase "what's the t gir" is the namesake of my definately crushed my dreams! oooh and I love making dates i call back to cancel because that makes the date think "oh, damn i gotta be on my game cuz I gotta call back." and yes....JO#2 is the "ug-mug" lmao..he's not ugly per se, he's just not as cute as JO#3 or JO#1(whom I have a date with today!!!)
Oh yea one more thing queer kid...JO#3 is CLERLY AND COMPLETELY out of the question cuz he called me queening out and mad cuz i wouldn't drive to give him $20, I was like "girl don't come callin me actin stupid...don't do it" and then I hung up. I had to go Kevin Aviance on his ass!!

Tales from a Juggernaut said...

1. Yay for finals.

2. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed Nathan Adams.

That movie definitely inspired me to step my game up a little, haha. More gym, less pizza, etc.

ReddMann said...

the little palm on the screen?

Marz said...


i remember once my father told me that in college i would have to take communal baths with a bunch of naked men and i started grinning and he was like," why are you smiling about that?" (lol)


Anonymous said...

This is so cute. I LOVE seeing you younguns expressing your queer selves in such an open and honest way. It'sa very inspring window into where our community is headed. Gives an old queen like me hope for the future of gay black america. Keep up the good work. Stay positive (in life) and negative (in sexual practice).

And don't worry about NOAH'S ARC. I'm cooking up a fierce feature film version, so

DVD of season 2 comes out in June...