Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Me and My Ex

Ok so, yesterday I'm doing my daily internet browse and you know I hit the good MySpace. So I have all these new messages and friend requests and such, and in my Inbox I have a message from somebody who I don't recognize, cuz you know how people always change their pictures to inanimate objects and things that don't make any sense. So anyway, I look at the subject and the subject is "Tui, we need to talk".....oh shit, here we go. Tui is the nickname my ex-boyfriend gave me and nobody else calls me that, so I knew it was only one person. I was kinda shocked that he sent me a message, but what we had to talk about wasn't clear. I thought we were done talking a couple months ago...but whatever. So I read the message and this is what it said...I'll clarify what he's talking about in red.
Babe, (ok so when did you get the permission to call me babe again?) we need to talk about some things. I know I did you dirty and I was wrong, but I think we can werk (ok spell check?!) this out. Please call me. You're being as stubborn as always and that's part of the reason why I love you (cut the bull). So, let me know what's going on. I miss hearing your voice and we never finished I Say A Little Prayer. (I used to read to him every night over the phone, and we were reading I Say A Little Prayer by E. Lynn Harris before he started acting stupid...oh well he's a loser.) I was looking at this message with a blank expression, and then.....I just started crackin up. Nigga please, we haven't talked in 2 months. You haven't made any attempts to call my number that is still the same or come to the job that you KNOW I work at every weekend. Whatever. So this is what I sent him back.

Gary*, cut the bull! Thanks!

*Names were changed to protect the bullshitter!


Anonymous said...

Love it! What a cool-ass blog. Keep up the good writing...Lotsa luck.

Patrik-Ian Polk

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