Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jazmine Sullivan

This girl....mmm....I don't even know what to say about her. Jazmine Sullivan is a singer that my friend Myra put me on to, and I do NOT regret being a groupie for her. Oh my GOD this girl is talented. She has been compared to Kim Burell and Kiki Sheard, but I have put her in a category of her own. You know when you listen to something and you only hear a little bit but it's so good, you have to just pause it and shout for a minute? That's what she does to me! She wrote a song for Kindred and she wrote Say I for Christina Milian, but the sad thing is, she's better than Christina Milian! Sorry Christina, no shade here. And,..I think she's only like 19 or 20. If you have LimeWire, which everyone should, she's on there. Anyway,this girl is too fierce for words, so I'm gonna let her music speak for itself...oh yea look out for Mr. QueerKid's ( post on my blog and the interview I did with my best friend today.

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Hondo's Boy said...

Oh, I have been on this Jazmine chick since some time last year. She is definitely a refreshing change from all the cookie cutters. You should check out this song she has called "I'm in Love With Another Man". Lord, what girl know she can croon.