Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

Hey errybody this is Jared letting you guys know about something I'm doing for the new year. I have asked my fellow blogger and new friend "Queer Kid"( to start writing a little column on my page, and he has agreed!!! I just thought it would be cool to get somebody on here to talk about whatever and give me a lil break when I have stupid writer's block. So starting next Thursday, Mr. QueerKid is gonna do a lil bi-weekly column on my blog...I'm really excited about it...I just have to think of a title for it...any suggestions? Anyway, fellas this is what it's all about. Finding good people out there with their head on straight and connecting with them. So look out for that on umm....the....11th of this month. Oh yea and thanks for all the people reading my blog out guys's support is what keeps me from not doing my work and writing on here all day!! ; )

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Queer Kid Of Color said...

Mr. QueerKid?

LMAO, thats classic.