Thursday, January 11, 2007

My interview with Kordale B.

Ok so, I'm always on people's blog and they have all these interviews with important/famous people (QueerKid, Clay Cane). So, I thought about it and I realized I don't know any famous people, but I do have friends, so I interviewed my bestest friend in the whole world, Kordale. It's nothing really in depth or thought provoking, I just thought it would be fun, so here it is.

Jared: What are you doing?

Kordale: Right now?

J: No, tomorrow. Yes right now!

K: Whatever, nothing just waiting for my cousin to get off of work so I can go pick him up and listening to my Zune.

J: Oh, you got one of those?

K: Yeah.

J: For Christmas?

K: Yeah.

J: Ok so, what are you listening to the most on there?

K: Well I downloaded the Ciara CD and a little bit of Fantasia.

J: OH that's my SHIT! What did you get off of there?

K: Just that one song "Hood Boy".

J: Bitch you need to get on it...get the whole CD please.

K: OK.

J: Ok so, a lot of people are talking about size...does size matter to you?

K: No, just as long as the person has one.

J: Wow, you're nasty.

K: But I'm honest.

J: Let's not EVEN get into that! So are you ready to graduate?

K: I first I didn't know what I wanted to do, but now I do

J: Which is going to the military, right?

K: Yep

J: Are you scared?

K: No not really, I'm just having second thoughts. I still want to do stuff with animals.

J: Ill like what?

K: Like work at a zoo or something...

J: Wow, I never knew that...that's interesting. You're serious right?

K: Yeah, very serious.

J: So are you single?

K: Yup.

J: Are you looking?

K: Yea, but I'm kinda talking to somebody too.

J: I hope you're not talking about that rich guy.

K: No.

J: Or that other guy.

K: No.

J: Oh ok. So let's talk about your relationship with Raoul*.

K: That bitch.

J: Yea I knew that would get you hot!

K: I don't even want to talk about it.

J: This is MY interview ho. You're gonna talk about it.

K: Anyway...He just really made me mad.

J: Yeah I know, I was about to cut him when I met him.

K: Yeah and that's the other thing, I don't like how he disrespected you. You come before anybody I date.

J: Awwwwww!!!! Really?

K: Yeah, you know that.

J: I know, I'm just making sure YOU know.

K: Whatever.

J: Ok so let's get off of that...Saturday you'll be the big 1-8. Do you have any plans besides the ones we've already made? Any tattoos or piercings or anything?

K: Well I can't get any tattoos because of the military, but I do want to get my tongue pierced.

J: Ill why?

K: So I can give better head.

J: I hope you know that I'm writing that.

K: NOOO come on I forgot that we were recording.

J: Your fault; I'm writing it!

K: Whatever. But yeah, I'm gonna get my tongue pierced, but I'm not saying anything because Darren* just got his pierced, and he'll think I'm copying him.

J: When did Darren* get his tongue pierced?

K: A while ago.

J: I don't like him...he's a clown.

K: Yeah I know me neither, but I'm not going to hate on him because it's a new year and I said I wasn't going to.

J: I couldn't have said it if there's nothing else, I think we're finished here.

K: I hope, cuz you're getting on my nerves.

J: Whatever...thank you for letting me interview you!

K: No problem anytime.

So that's it people!'d I do?! lol.

*Names were changed to protect bullshitters!


Queer Kid Of Color said...

Damn your friend is a cutie and he's a fixer upper!

terpFAN said...

this is hilarious!

nice spoof of the now ubiquitous blogger interview with a celeb

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say its great. I'm pretty sure you left the readers wanting more and thats the point. Hope you do it again.


El Alexander said...

This was cute love the interview LOL

That Dude Right There said...

Now this was an idea that I thought about doing, but couldn't get anyone to go along with it. Thanks for this day brightener.

Cocoa Rican said...

Okay pa... I laughed...HARD...
reminded me of back in the teenage days...

klb07 said...

hey jarebear!!! this interview was so fun. we gotta do it again. but thanx a lot for not editing the part about me giving better head lol. luv ya BITCH!