Monday, January 8, 2007

This Goddam Bill!

Ok so, I got in a car accident in October where I pulled out and this asshole sped up and hit me on the back seat driver's side....I went on the other side of the street and he rammed into the guardrail and F'd it UP! So since I pulled out and he was the oncoming traffic, the accident was considered my fault...oops my bad! So my insurance paid for his car or whatever and it was done, but why the fuck did I get a bill from the State Highway Administration in the mail for $698.75 for the repair of the guard rail???!!! I was SOO heated..i'm hoping my insurance will cover that shit, but who knows...Whenever I start to stack my bread, something like this always happens and I'm always back at 0...oh well.


ReddMann said...

lol that is funny as hell I have never heard of getting a bill for repairs to parts of the highway after an accident... too funny

Queer Kid Of Color said...

You crack me up J, you crack me up.