Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Church on New Years?

Ok so first of all, let me say Happy New Year to urrybody! I'm really excited about this year and I am looking forward to the fresh and new experiences that I'll have this year. Now, of course I'm not oblivious to the fact that there will be some drama and mess going on, but, hey. I'm planning on just rollin' right through it. Oh yea by the way, Jared's New Year's Resolution is: I am going to watch my mouth this year!!! Lately my mouth as been OUT OF CONTROL and I need to bring it back. I just say anything outta my mouth and that has GOT to stop lol. A lot of people say it's just honesty, but my mouth reaches beyond that into the territory of rudeness. If I learned anything in Sunday School that still applies to me today is that the mouth is a weapon, and I've been a weapon of MASS Destruction. So, yeah, I'm gonna work on that.
But anyway, everbody knows that around December 28-29 that people always ask "Oh, so what are you doin' for New Year's?" or "I know you're going to the club come New Years". So, people were really surprised to find out that I was going to church on New Year's Eve/Day for their annual "watch night service"....hmmm...I was actually kind of surprised too. Now, I've been raised in the church, so the church members would've been appauled if I was anywhere else but church, but this past year I realized that I can do what I want, so...I hadn't planned on going. Well, after a few nudges from my mother, I finally caved and I went...and I don't regret it!!
A lot of people who I was gonna hang out with were telling me what I missed and I wasn't really impressed. Here's a brief list of what I missed:

1. getting totally wasted and f**ked up
2. getting arrested for trespassing! (I almost broke my resolution on that one)
3. eating myself into a McDonald's induced stupor
4. "gettin some"
5. sleeping

Hmm...wasn't missing really anything, but here's what I got by going to church...

1. hearing a praise team that was OFF THA HOOK
2. seeing some people that I haven't seen or heard from in years
3. having my own lil stand up routine in the pew (i had them fools CRACKIN UP!!)
4. not having to endure a sermon that was full of crude humor, and anti-gay slurs
5. homemade chicken and waffles afterwards

You can't beat that shit! You just can't! So needless to say, unless some horrible circumstance comes about, I'll probably be in church again for next New Year's. I really and honestly had a good time! You guys should go!...Now church on Sunday mornings...that my friends is a different story....

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Anonymous said...

Hey is Domminique I love your honesty to go to church, church is really a wonderful place to be. EVERYBODY SHOULD AT LEAST TRY IT ONCE. Hope to see you at work soon.