Thursday, December 28, 2006

Reflective Thinking for 2006

Hmm....2006....what can I say? Like every year about this time I always try and sit and think "What the hell happened this year?" and "Why is next year like less than a week away?" and "What the hell is gonna happen next year?" So I always write about it in this "secret journal" that I have stashed away in my bedroom so that my parents just don't "happen to be in my room and read it" (hey that happened this year). So I guess, here is a quick play-by-play of what happened for me this year.

January - I felt refreshed an renewed for a new year. I went on a MAJOR shopping trip. Me and my ex were still together. Me and my parents weren't prepared to go through the hell we went through this year.

February - My daddy's birthday on the 18th. I was SO ready to get out of 11th grade. I came out at school. Me and my ex celebrated our one year anniversary, but I was already SO done with the relationship.

March - My parents "just happened to be in my room" and found my journal. They found out I was having sex, but I kept my writings gender neutral, so they thought I was having sex with a girl. They were mad that I didn't tell them that I had a "girlfriend". We had "THE TALK". I was like "Come on I'm 16 and I'm already having sex. I thought 'the talk' only worked if you weren't having sex." Oh yea my lil sister's birthda on the 10th. Go lil sis!

April - My parents did some more snooping and found my porno collection...yea....umm....wasn't exactly what they expected....umm.. so yea. What can I say? Later on that month they also found some nude pictures of me! oops, my bad! I meant to give those to my ex on Valentine's Day, but I forgot where I hid them. Apparantly my parents didn't. Now I probably could've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for them nasty messages I had put on the back such as.....well nevermind. Don't wanna put myself out there like Umm..I started "counseling" with Richard Cohen ( He fed me some serious BULL! I was not eating it. I am convinced he is still gay too. I bet if Tyson or LL came up in there he would have his mouth all up on the dick!

May - I told my parents that I was NOT going to anymore stupid ass counseling sessions with Mr. Cohen, so they could stop wasting their money! It was almost my birthday so I was looking for a "freakum dress" so I could be flyy on my birthday. My ex and I took a break cuz he was gonna lose his life if we kept going the way we were going....I met "booby". I showed my ASS on my birthday (5/9)...literally..sike just kidding lol. I had a lil birthday party. I found out we were going on a family cruise in June.

June - SCHOOL LET OUT! I applied to Gap. I got the job. I applied to StateFarm Insurance. I got the job. I went on my cruise!!! I saw a lot of shirtless men! I ate my ass off! I bought a lot of jewelry and watches. The people in Haiti thought I was Usher and asked me for my autograph. I gave it to them. I even sang a few bars of "Yeah". The Haitians went WILD! My mom told me to stop! LMAO.that was so much fun. No word from my parents about the whole gay issue.

July - I started at Gap and Statefarm. Me and "booby" did it on the 13th for the first time ; )!!! I was like YES!!! My brother's birthday on the 17th. Still, no word from my parents about the whole gay issue.

August - Getting ready for school to start..07 ho! Me and Reggie and Kordale officially became best friends. The guy that called me a faggot all last year, now wants to lick my ass...I tell him to go fuck himself. Me being gay is officially non-existent to my parents.

September - B'day came out and I like to have sold my soul to Satan to get it. I got my Driver's License. Ever since I've been tearin' Route 100 UP!!!

October - Hearin' all this stuff about Dreamgirls. Me and "booby" are talkin heavy but nothin's official. I got a new car on the 13th....totaled it on the 18th!! oops, my bad! Parents are SUPER PISSED!

November: Getting ready to see Dreamgirls. Waiting for Thanksgiving. Me and "Booby" spent Thanksgiving together! I spent Thanksgiving night at a co-worker's house. Barbara, Maurice...hey gir! What's the T gir?! I started blogging on the 13th after reading Darian's blog.

December: I go to Bonefish Grill on the the 17th and get totally WASTED!!! (good thing I didn't have to drive home!!) Mommy's birthday on the 15th. She's 40, and looks good if I do say so myself! I break my phone in half on the 2nd. I spent like $500 total in clothes this month...oops, my bad! "Booby" comes home for the Holiday break and we spend a lot of time together. I see Dreamgirls twice. I'm sitting here writing about

I guess that's it. At the beginning of the year I feel like I was so young. Now I feel all old. hmm...the difference 363 days can make. Oh well...enjoy the last couple days of your year!


lj said...

It's funny you remember all of that.

Queer Kid Of Color said...

You're missing stuff, I know it.