Friday, December 15, 2006

Creative Writing - How Would it Feel to be Gay?

Today I was in Creative Writing and my teacher (who shall remain nameless) gave us our daily writing topic. I'm always excited about this, because she always picks a thought provoking topic that keeps us writing. But, guess.....she snorted some lines before she came to class, because today's topic was How Would it Feel to be Gay? What kind of shit is that?
My ears started to burn and I felt the back of my neck heat up because I could feel the eyes in the back of it. Of course, snickering followed, and then straight up laughs in my face. I looked at my teacher with a stare of helplessness and anger, and she was dumbfounded because the lightbulb finally went off in her head. I wanted to say "Duh, I'm gay you dumb bitch!", but I didn't take it there. I just gathered my notepad and bookbag and headed down to the guidance counselor's office.
Now those of you who are still in high school know that guidance counselors don't do SHIT!!! They just sit around in their cushy lil offices and type reports to send to your parents. Ok, so I tell the counselor (who also shall remain nameless) about the situation and she says:
"Really, I don't see the big deal. We're actually trying to help people like you out, by making people put themselves in your shoes. We're trying to get acceptance of a lifestyle that is not generally accepted by the masses."
To say that I am pissed is the freakin understatement of the YEAR! How the fuck dare they? Well, coming out of that guidance counselor's office, I felt like I was at a dead end. If I would've started this whole petition about the paper, I would've only gotten signatures out of sympathy. If I would've called my parents, they would've tried to "rebuke my rebellious homosexual nature" out of me. If I would've prayed, I would've felt condemned. So my only option is to sit and stare at my reflection in the computer monitor, and tell the world about it (or at least anybody who's reading), and think about what the hell i'm gonna say in this fuckin essay entitled: How Would it Feel to be Gay.



i understand your hurt and great emotion but did you write the assignment at all i would have turned that into a hott piece please post what you did

i love you blog it is extremley lighhearted and just the thing i need to get me though the day .

power to gay black male teens

Monie said...

LOL @ her snorting some lines before class started!

That's quite a controversial topic...