Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jennifer got the heart, Beyonce' dont!

I've been on the edge of my seat in anticipation for the movie Dreamgirls for a while now, and as Christmas approaches, I get more and more excited. Now, of course, there have been numerous articles and TV specials about the movie which provide plenty of movie stills. But, none stands out in my mind more than the one you're about to see (or that you're looking at right now lol). Evertime somebody says Dreamgirls, I think of this image. It is sooo funny to me. I saw the scene that this particular shot came from on Oprah, and it's where the Dreams are being punked by this other girl group. The dreams get nervous and Deena (Beyonce') suggests that they make revisions to their wardrobe. But pay attention to this picture, Beyonce' and Anika are lookin' all scared and nervous (not to mention Beyonce' looks like a cat). But look at our golden girl Jennifer Hudson. she is lookin at that other girl group like "I don't give a fuck! Do I look like I give a fuck?" Just something I picked up on. Maybe I'm wrong, but Beyonce' does look like the type to get her ass whooped an be all scared in a confrontation. Who knows, I don't know her personally, but I bet if 3LW (wait, bad example)....umm TLC confronted Destiny's Child, Beyonce' would run and get Daddy Knowles...lol..enjoy.

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