Thursday, December 21, 2006

How Would it Feel to be Gay Pt. 3

Ok so, I had my meeting with the principal at school today, and it lasted 2 hours! It was pretty funny actually. Since I knew that I was going to have this meeting, I had to get a new outfit, so last night, I hit up H&M and spent like 120 bucks. I am fierce today, you hear me? Fierce. (Ya'll KNOW I had to sneak that in!). So anyways, I get in her office 7:30 sharp, and she's like "juice, coffee?" Inside, I was like "hellz no bitch, let's get to business", but on the outside I politely gave her the "No thanks." So then, she proceeded to ask me if I knew why I was called to the meeting and blah blah blah. Now by this time, the meeting had been going on for 15 minutes and I was pissed for 2 reasons. 1: She hadn't said anything about the issue at hand 2: That bitch didn't even comment on my outfit! So, she continues to blah blah blah until she FINALLY gets to the meat of the problem. She pulls out my infamous paper and she was like "There seems to be an issue with you and the assignment that your Creative Writing teacher gave you. Why is that?" Haha that bitch gave me free reign at that point! I was like
"First of all, that question was so offensive on so many fronts. What if you were gay and you had that topic posed to you in a class? I'm sure that you would be offended, and I can say this because you were offended when the rumors about your breast cancer got spread around the school. The reason why I carried myself the way I did, which by the way was very professional, is because I was shocked and I panicked."
"I understand that, and I was not aware of this situation. Had I known, I would've had that stopped. On behalf of the faculty and staff at **** Senior High School, I apologize.
so by this point i'm kind of satisfied, until she said---
"But, your grade will not be changed. Your failing grade for that assignment stands. If you felt offended, so did we when you insinuated(did I spell that right?) that we would purposefully offend our students. Your teacher felt that you did not answer the question, so that's what she based your grade on.
So by that point I was DONE with this meeting. I got up and we exchanged pleasantries, and she even said something about my clothes, but as I said before, I was DONE! So needless to say, I'm calling the school board tomorrow, and there WILL be a part 4 to this! Sheeeit! I shouldn't EVEN be going through this bull! By the way, those quotations were word 4 word cuz I was taping her! I knew that damn tape recorder would come in handy! Smile Bitch! You're on Jared's camera! So, I'm goin out tonight and just post up cuz I don't need to be at home when I look this good. I'm tryin to get bodied...I need to call my "booby". I'll holla at ya'll lata!


Queer Kid Of Color said...

You crack me up J. This was too funny.

Hondo's Boy said...


I definitely admire your courage and conviction. We certainly need more young people who will stand up for what they believe in. I would love to hear what, if anything else, came of this. One word of caution though, the next time you record a meeting, you may want to make the parties involved aware that they are being recorded. You can do it very tactfully and it will cover you should you ever need to use the tapes in a legal setting. Also, it sets less of an ambush scene and may even help you get what you want from the situation. You will be surprised how people's attitudes will change if they know what they are about to say is going to follow them word for word. Kudos to you!