Friday, December 15, 2006

Things I Feel Like Blowing Up at this Point in Time

I guess you can probably guess that base on my previous post about my creative writing class that I'm in a "Ring the Alarm" type of mood. And I am!!! The following people, places, and things, are the items that I would like to blow up!!!

1. My guidance counselor
2. My guidance counselor's office
3. Hell, my whole school
4. Both of my jobs
5. *Jesus forgive me* My church
6. My closet (so I'll have a chance to re-vamp my whole wardrobe)
7. My ex-boyfriend's he can walk around naked becuase he doesn't have a job, so that means he has no money to re-vamp his whole wardrobe
8. My ex-boyfriend's car
9. That ghetto ass House of Dereon clothing line
10. Tina and Mathew Knowles (maybe I'm hatin' cuz my parents don't support me)
11. That nucca that called me a faggot the other day
12. Beyonce's Golden Globe nomination
13. That lady at the Body Shop who told me that "I had really great skin for a black person"
14. Mya's whack ass CD
15. This paycheck I just got from my boss cuz it's whack as shit
16. My neighbor's dog...oooo if he shit in my yard one more time and I have to clean it up!!!!!
17. The part of my brain that makes me think of me and my ex's relationship every day
18. McDonald's cuz I eat there like everyday and they're making me fat!
19. Those fuckin admissions people at FIT cuz they get too damn smart
...and finally....
20. These ugly ass Christmas decorations all over my job!! it's like the Eartha Kitt/Joan Rivers Christmas Collection.
.::2 B Continued::.

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Anonymous said...

While you're at it want to blow up my (dad's) house for me, pretty please?