Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Monday!!

Happy Monday everybody!!! I hope everybody had a delightful weekend! My weekend was a trip and a half. On Friday, me and my dad got into it real bad because he said some pretty ignorant things to me, so I felt obligated to cuss him out! He didn't like that too much. OH WELL! Basically, he indirectly called me a fag, and you know I don't play that mess! But isn't it ironic that I had to ask him to take me to work because I didn't have any gas in my car?! Oops, my bad.
Saturday, my "booby" came home from college and after I got off of work at like 12, it was ON! I needed it too, because those customers at my part-time job (Gap Outlet) almost caused me to have a psychotic episode! Case in point, this lady had this brochure that comes with 2 coupons for 20% off of your purchase or whatever. Now mind you, I have seen her in the store using the coupons. But, she tried to roll up on the register and say she never used them! She was like "This is all I got in the mail." I was like "So why is the perforated coupons ripped off?" She was like "This is all I got!" I was like girl please I've seen you..stop with the lies and deceit.
But, on a serious note, I think I may be pregnant because I didn't have my period like I usually do on

Sunday was a hot mess because my dad was trippin'! He was asking me what the sermon was about and I surely didn't know. Oh well.
I hope you guys had as good a weekend as I did, and I'll keep posted when new things come up....
~**Love and happiness**~

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