Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't You Hate it When...

Don't you hate it when?...

1. You're out with your gay friends and people always stare at you.
2. You're intimidated by the "gangstas" and "playas" so you divert your eyes so they won't see you.
3. You have stuff on your face, but NOBODY will tell you, and you look like a fool for the ENTIRE DAY.
4. One of your friends talks trash to you about one of your other friends and vise-versa, and you feel horrible.
5. You don't have ANYTHING to wear.
6. Because you have nothing to wear, you don't want to go anywhere.
7. Your friends tell you the harsh truth about yourself.
8. They tell you the harsh truth about yourself, but when you try to return the favor they get defensive.
9. The person you really like is in college almost 2 hours away.
10. You have a wedgie, but you're standing in front of a whole bunch of people, so you can't do anything about it.
11. When the choir at church SUCKS!
12. When the choir at church SUCKS! and they believe in the name of Jesus that they're the shit!
13. Your ex-boyfriend walks past your job, hoping that he'll get a chance to explain himself.
14. When You don't give him that chance, he walks past your job with another boy and tries to make you feel bad.
15. The neigbor's dog shits in your yard and you have to clean it up.
16. You bring home the left-overs of your food from T.G.I. Friday's and you're expecting to eat it later, but when you want it, it's gone.
17. It seems like everybody's seen RENT except for you.
18. You've been watching "My So Called Life" for like 2 years, and you've just realized that the gay guy was Wilson Cruz.
19. Somebody steps on YOUR shoes and THEY get an attitude.
20. You just bought the Fantasia CD last week and it's already skipping cuz you play it all the time.

I hate when this stuff happens....

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