Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dreamgirls Soundtrack

Ok so, why did I have to fight this bitch at Circuit City for the last copy of the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack? I had just seen the movie and I was like "Oh hell yeah, I'm gettin that shit!" But, wouldn't it be just my luck that they only had one left! So I go to grab it and this other lil bald headed woman ran up and snatched it. I was like "Oh no girl, don't play me!" and she was like "Whatever, it's mine!" so then I was like "Girl Please!" and then she was like "Get outta my face!" So I knew I wasn't gonna win that easily. I pulled out my keychain and showed her my mase. She KNEW it wasn't a game after that. She gon' say "Well, I didn't really want it anyway." I was like uh-huh...yea. So needless to say I've been rockin to the sounds of Dreamgirls all morning! You gotta show bitches that it's not a game sometimes!

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