Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Brief Dancing Career

Everytime I go on Darian's page (, I always laugh when he talks about dancing, cuz I remember my brief dancing career. LMAO let me change that: my brief dancing stint. When I was 16, I took up ballet and it was like the biggest mistake I coulda made. I had this German dance instructor. She was a total bitch. She made us call her Headmistress Wingley. Now mind you, I'm like 6'1 and I weigh probably 130 pounds, so I was the tallest, lankiest, clumsiest thing around. It was a mess. I wasn't flexible enough to do the moves and I was too busy being a comedian than dancing. She used to hit my knees with this cane. It was horrible. She used to wear my knees out with that cane. I remember one time me and my ex-boyfriend were talking dirty on the phone and when I got to class I had a hard-on. I had to put on my tights and those tights showed everything! The class was laughing at me...4 words em bar ass ing! But anyway, I have so much respect for dancers, especially those who do it professionally. I wish there were more outlets for them dance and make money. It's so hard for people to do what they love these days. Well...anyway, I'll probably talk about my love/hate relationship with Beyonce' tomorrow because my friends are calling me hypocrites! I don't appreciate it! Beyonce' is just giving me too much of a good thing. Look out for that tomorrow.

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