Monday, January 15, 2007

This Past Weekend!!!

To say this past weekend was crazier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest is the understatement of the YEAR....and we're only 15 days into it! Saturday was my bestest friend Kordale's (Smuffin) 18th Birthday....and OH we showed out!!!! Me, Kordale, and my other friends Reggie and AJ painted the town rainbow, and I definitely have no regrets about it. We started out at Red Robin (which me and my friend Melissa visited and loved last weekend!). And we laughed so hard in there that I didn't even eat my food!!! I should have though cuz that shit was 9 dollars, but nonethelss...So anyways, we were off the HOOK in that restaurant. We had all the Whites looking uneasy and uncomfortable! We talked about everything from penis to...well umm...penis, and our waitress (who eerily resembled Mya) was even jumpin in on it!(she got a $25 tip)...So then, when it was time for the waiters and waitresses to sing the little "happy happy birthday" song, I handpicked the waiters and waitresses that I wanted to sing in the birthday wasn't a game...I didn't want any greasy waiters all over our cake, nor did I want that nasty Harry Potter look alike!!! So yea that was fun. So we go back to the local mall and visited our other friend Brandon who couldn't come because he had to work, but he had an attitude that I wasn't feelin, so he had to go! Later on, we went to the bowling alley for like the little midnight bowl thing, but the lady said that they didn't have any more lanes...I just think it was cuz they didn't want 4 black faggots taking their bowling alley over...whatever she had a Donald Trump comb-over anyways...stupid bitch! But, it was good that the bowling alley was full because then we did the gayest thing 4 gay kids could do.....go skating!!! I haven't been skating in YEARS. Last time I went skating was when I went with the church youth and this nasty skank named Shirelle gave this boy head behind the dumpster....that filthy ho..I can't stand her...BUT I DIGRESS.....So yea when we got in there, all the white people pulled their kids over to the side....better for me, cuz they weren't in my way! Skating was a lot of fun, besides the fact that Reggie was actin like he had a vagina and was like "I can't skate, I don't wanna, I don't feel like it." Whatever bitch! Oh yeah, I have NEVER seen so many little kids bust their ASS like was SOOOO fuggin funny! So by this point the night was about to be over, so we all go back to the mall to get our cars and go home, when we see these drunk ass white people getting ready to go at it in the parking lot! They were like "Bitch, fuck you Carrie!" and the other white people were like "No FUCK YOU! Motherfucker, Do you have a fucking problem with me?!" and the other white people were like "Whatever...whatever, whatever!" and then the other white people were like "shut the fuck up!!!"....that was icing on a cake that would've been good without!! So...Happy Birthday Smuffin..I hope you'll celebrate many many more!!!
Oh yea, I wouldve had pictures of this whole event, but Kordale's "ponk ass" didn't email them to me like he was supposed to....bitch.
Ok so I'm about to be selfish for a minute...if you thought Kordale's birthday would be fun, wait til mine comes in 3 monts and 23 days. I am already in Preparation for my B'Day and oh what a day that will BE!!!! I need to get my "Freakum Dress" so that I can "Get Bodied" on that day!!!


ReddMann said...

o my word your language... gosh

Cocoa Rican said...

I laughed hard... real hard... I mean really, really hard... thanks for the the breath of fresh stank...LOL