Tuesday, January 9, 2007


So I brought that bill from the State Highway Administration to work (I work at State Farm Insurance) and I talked to my boss about it and he said that my insurance would cover that $700!!!!! YEEEESSSS!! I was like good cuz don't nobody have no $700 to just be givin' away, what is wrong with them? So that is a huge burden lifted off of me. I don't know WHAT I would've done if I had to pay that. Like, I woulda had to sell my body or something...$700 is a lot of bread. So that's it. I'm super happy about it!


ReddMann said...

so does that mean you got a couple hundred on you i can borrow?!?!?! lol

terpFAN said...

that’s surprising SHA sent u that bill (they are so cheap) … but I guess they get tried of people tearing their stuff up

be careful reporting things to your insurance company … your rates may skyrocket when its time to renew the policy

believe it or not sometimes its cheaper to payout of pocket (trust me I’ve been there … done that)