Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Birthday and A Few other things...

Sooo, to say the least, my birthday was a lot of fun. I didn't do much (as I had planned) but it was a day of love and reflection. Thursday, I had a dinner with some of my closest friends which of course include Mr. Joey Bahamas. I would say that was a success, because I got to do 2 things that I really enjoy.... that is eat and eat.
Friday (my actual birthday), I tried to sleep in, but I got all these "Happy Birthday" calls that woke me up, so I didn't get that opportunity. Oh well. I got up, went to get a haircut and chilled at my mom's for a little bit. My family sang happy birthday for like the 30th time this week and then I went to my sisters house. I guess I could say that was a mistake... she was kinda pissed. Her and her boyfriend are going through a nasty break up and she wasn't taking it too well.

After I left there, Albert took me out to lunch. Now mind you it was 2 o'clock and I wasn't really hungry, but he was supposed to be "surprising" me. This nigga took me to Outback... at 2 o'clock....CLOSED! lol. He felt really bad about that, but I told him not to worry about it since "it was thought that counts"... we ended up going to this crab joint and he bought like 3 lbs of crab legs, and then we hit the liquor store and I drank a whole bottle of Alize and then half the bottle of Moscato that Joey bought me for my birthday... thanks Joey : )

After that me and Al watched a few movies, and then he gave me my present. He picked me up a few things from American Eagle... A sweater vest, a few T's, some jeans that I really like, and some shoes. After that, I was too drunk to stay awake, so I passed out and didn't wake up til about 9:30.

When I finally woke up, I just did my usual YouTube parouse and commented on some blogs and IMd a few people, then I was knocked out!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my 19th birthday!
In other news, I have a crush on a blogger. (lol don't click the link because you will be disappointed) (lol I told you!)
But anyway, yeah. I have a crush on a blogger. Yesterday, we texted like all day, and he's really sweet. In the past, I've been compared to Gabrielle Union in 'Deliver Us From Eva' so that means, the word "crush" is really not in my vocabulary.... well unless it's in the context of "crush"-ing somebody's head, or self esteem, etc. etc. Nonetheless, if distance and money weren't an issue, I'm pretty sure I'd either be where he's at, or he'd be where I'm at right now....

Next month, I'm going to see the Clark Sisters in Atlanta. I'll be there from the 12th to the morning of the 15th. All the logistics of the trip aren't 100% but I'll have it together. I'm really excited about this trip. Any ATL bloggers wanna meet up? Let me know!

Also, speaking of ATL bloggers, I feel Mr. Norris from GettingMyselfTogether, really tried it with that YouTube video of that FOINE man. I swear Norris, anything to get readers and comments! Damn! Now, while that man was clearly delicious, light skin has never been my cup of tea.... how about this guy??? Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan Gentles. And let THAT be the reason!


Diego R. Wyatt said...

Nice blog...and gorgeous man lol...good taste I must say

That Dude Right There said...

Happy Birthday lil fella! I saw Ryan Gentles in person and he is NOT all that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday. And Ryan will do quite nicely.

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, who's the blogger? fuck ya birthday - we wanna know who this guy is.

fuzzy said...

I kno I know!!! lol no amount of money (under $10000 lol) can make me tell!

I wonder where this will go...

YoungBlack&DL said...

Is that negro purposely trying to look like a black Jesus in those pics, or am I losing my mind.

Great on the Clark Sisters concert. I couldn't make it when they were in town. I thought the tour was probably done, now that Dorinda, just came out with a new solo album, she was just in town promoting her new album and receiving a honorary doctrine, or something. Tell me how Twinkie looks in person, after her gastro bypass surgery.

Fuzzy, who you kiding. If I offered you $500 dollars cash and a half a pack of Double Mint, you would give up the info. Cash talks baby!

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm so glad you had a great time for your birthday....
Your crush riddle was a simple one...let's just say the blogger's pseudonym can also be a descriptor for a peach.

ShawnQt said...

Happy Birthday, Glad it went well!

That man is fwine! I want to see the clothes u got, lol.

Joey Bahamas said...

You know what yall dutty, nasty bitches and your faulty links can kiss my red Bahamian 'bout them cookies!!!!



The Pew View said...

OOOhhhh weeee child, that man is fine. Reminds me of LB, course, that was about 40 years ago. Child, I only dream about mens that looks like these. Although, every once in a while when I got on my good skirt and my good bra, I sees them youngin's looking. They got one more time and I'mma have to dip off on LB and show them how grandmama gets down!

With Love,
Mrs. Mabel

E said... Ryan would be a good way to spend my b-day..:-) Happy belated b-day!

Ty said...

Yeah, my preference is dark skinned people. But I don't exclude. You can probably tell this from my ex's. lol

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