Tuesday, May 20, 2008


No people, I am not dead, just been kind of taking up space. I don't know how to explain it, but I've felt kind of purposeless these last few days. I feel like I've sold my soul to my job, and I don't have me time. Granted, I'm off for the next few days, but I don't even know what to do with myself when I do have me time. But anyways, here goes.
  • Work has been busting my ass, so I've taken up a new hobby.... smoking.. I don't know
  • why I even started smoking, because previously, I think I've only smoked like 2 cigarettes, and even while smoking these tobacco sticks, I don't know if I feel any different or "de-stressed" if you will. Maybe all psychological. Everybody keeps telling me, "stop smoking those goddamn cigarettes and get some weed", but 1)I've never smoked weed and don't have the desire to do so 2) I'm too scared that my job will do some random ass drug screening and ill come up positive for MaryJane and then get fired... mmmm. Plus, at this point, I'm not too fond of addictions.

*I went to the studio Friday and let have.... I noticed that when I smoke a cigarette before I sing, it gives me this Dorinda, Jon Legend-esque rasp that I absolutely adore, so I think before I sing in the studio again, I'll smoke a cigarette.

*I went to the club Saturday and had a really good time... that is until I saw 6'4. He had an attitude that I was dancing with this guy that he knows... childishness will not be tolerated in the latter half of 2008.

*Speaking of latter half of 2008, can you believe that this year is like almost halfway over? New Years' resolutions have not been at all honored.

*YouTube has been like my saving grace. Yesterday, I browsed YouTube for like 3 hours after I got off of work....

*I've been thinking about my life and my future, and I realized that I want to have a family, and possibly some kids. Like 6 months ago, the mere thought of having kids made me vomit in my mouth, but I think I'm softening up .

*DC Pride is this weekend, but the way I hear it, everything's gonna be dead because everybody is going to be in Miami... I may be partaking in some Pride events, so I'll post about it, if I do go.

*I like the question posts that Darius and Fuzzy posted, and I might do one later, but I think I'm going to put some rules up too, because y'all bitches are nosy lol!


Joey Bahamas said...

Okay...as a former smoker (that sneaks one in every once in a while) I'm not happy about this! And you sound like Britney Spears talking about smoking before you go into the studio. Don't!!!!

Yes the year is almost halfway done. It's blowing my fucking mind!

Youtube is the reason why after 2 and a half months of not working I haven't become a serial killer out of shear boredom...it could happen, trust me.

DC pride...ch....I'm tired of this city right now.

And yes...those bitches are nosey boots! Love!!


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - who's nosey? Um, quit that smoking. That raspiness is cute now, but if you keep it up you'll sound like one of the barrett sisters when you sing...Delores Barrett - the bass!

Chet said...

Smoking Cigarettes? Please stop right now and whatever you do no smoking in your apartment that smoke is hard to get rid of and why ruin your good health, of course you need a diversion, but Newports no chile them damn things are addictive to say the least.

Keep in mind you have the blogger family for support and understanding.

Anonymous said...

JARED! You must text me ASAP! I am in dire need of a fix- a blog fix that is! I need your helP! My number is on facebook and of course you know who this is! xoxo!~ and in case you don;t it's Brand!n

ShawnQt said...

no more smoking! period.

Aww, we went to DC last pride.
Don't know if that will happen again.

When is NYC pride again, I always forget!
I should start a NJ pride, LOL!

I dream about youtube. yes its that bad. lol.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Not that I'm endorcing narcotics useage, but weed is a lot cuter than Cigarete smoking. You probably wouldn't have to do it as often as the smoking. Why do niggas always go to the Newports. Isn't that the worse kind? I know they all are bad, but isn't that the worse?

You think Dorinda has a rasp esque voice? I don't see that.

Has your job ever done a drug test before, even when you were hired?

You are right I was telling Fuzzy that too, some of those questions, was really nosey-like!

Mr. Jones said...

Now...I'm not too proud of it and I certainly don't flaunt it, but I've been known to take a drag or two from a ciggie when I'm out drinking or after phenomenal sex or something, but Newports tho??? That's legalized crack.

If you must smoke get Marlboro Ultra Lights Menthol. Very white woman cunt.

Diego R. Wyatt said...

Not too much into addiction, smoking or otehrwise. I'm sure you can channel your energy into something better and more effective; however, a lot of artists smoke before recording: Aretha did it and Whitney does it.

D.LavarJames said...

First and foremost, U need to STOP smoking NOW! I work for the American Legacy Foundation and these are OUR commercials: http://www.thetruth.com/

Don't make us do an intervention on that ass

WhozHe said...

Stop the smoking now!! Before your lips turn black! At lest that's what they always told me.

Love you to much to see you blow away your health.

fuzzy said...

yes the ppl are quite inquisitive! lol But I, for the most part had mo problems answering the questions!

Think of it this way, cigarettes and good vocal cords don't mix very well. You will be at that studio longer and longer the more you smoke! keep that in mind!

fuzzy said...

Note i did not tell you to quit! I just presented the idea to you and you may use that info to make your own decision!

Promiscuous X said...

Hmmm you smoking huh. I deal with you later.

Yea nah I weed is not for you I can imagine you with black lips.

I'll hit holla for the rest of the details

Cocoa Rican said...

Did you say smoking???! I will pop you in your mouf so hard you'll swallow that damn thing! Toss it right now...right fuckin' now! Those things are as addictive, expensive and pointless as any issue you may think you're experiencing....take it from the addict...it ain't worf it pa! Made me so upset that I couldn't even write proper English...Jesus!

Ty said...

Why am I LMAO at smoking a cigarette before going to the studio?!? lol I'm glad that you are still recording and doing your thang. I wish you the best in that endeavour. And don't let 6'4 get to you like that. It takes up too much energy.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Well I'm a blaq smoker (obviously) and will take a cigarette every now and again but I don't care for Newports. They're a bit too harsh on tha kid.


RocaFella07 said...


You are NOT smoking those nasty things! That pretty little face is going to look like an old hand-bag, if you keep it up.

But, then again, it could be worse (coke, booze, etc)...LOL!


Chet said...

Hope that all is well with you and that you have found solace in knowing that we all care. Holl at ya folks sometime.