Monday, June 16, 2008

Atlanta, the Clark Sisters, and some other Bullshit

So, I'm going to write about my wonderful weekend, parlaying with the Clark Sisters in my soon to be hometown of Atlanta, but first I have some other shit I want to talk about!

First, I've been talking to this guy Black Prose on and off for like almost a year now. Our relationship is interesting because he is a writer, and he's super intelligent and really deep, not to mention, kinda cute. Well, recently, we started talking again after like a 4 month hiatus (due to my recent induction back into the MySpace fam), and here and there we conversed and traded pics, etc. etc. and I was just happy not really getting anything from him but the occasional "howdy." Well, the other day, I got a call from him; or so I thought. It was actually his boyfriend pretending to be BP asking me various questions about how I was, did I think he was sexy, basically trying to get me to tell him what was really going on between me and BP.... he succeeded. I sang like a canary. By accident. Well, at the end of the convo, he says, this is not really BP, this is his boyfriend. I bet you didn't know he had one of those did you. He went on to tell me they had been dating for some time and all this other shit I didn't too much care about... Nonetheless, I contacted him via text saying "Hey, I talked to your boyfriend the other day" and this is the response I received:
"I know... I heard. And I know that I can not talk to you anymore. I never wanted anything from you. The reality is that I wanted everything from my boyfriend. Instead of facing the problem within my relationship, I strayed and ran away else where. My whole problem with me is that I am afraid to face my own demons. I am sorry to hav eled you on because I never wanted anyone but him. So that said, I can't have anything to do with you. And I will not, simply because my bf means too much to me. And right now I am losing him. So goodbye. Please don't call.

In other news, me and my ex Marcus have been talking alot lately... Now to be 100% honest, I can't say I'm totally over that nigga, but I can function without having a withdrawal breakdown. Well he told me he had sex with this guy that I know and see on a regular basis, and for some reason or another, it bothered me. Even though I've been in relationships and had sex with other people since then, I still can't help but feel some type of way now that this new info has surfaced....
Anyway, on to Atlanta. As you guys all know, 6'4 bought me a ticket to see the Clark Sisters in Atlanta this past weekend and I really enjoyed myself. Prior to me leaving, my grandmother had an emergency and I had to attend to her, so I thought I wouldn't be able to go, but me and some friends bit the bullet and drove from B'more to ATL, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Atlanta is a beautiful city and I really enojoyed myself being there, and at the concert. Man, those sisters ran and squalled us all into a sick frenzy, and the concert was full of queens. (oh yeah, and I was 7 rows back, so when they sneezed, they could hear me say bless you).... I'm really considering making Atlanta my new home.... Enjoy the pics! I have some more but I can't find the USB cord for my camera... they had pics of me and KiKi Sheard. Now we weren't really allowed to take pics, but I did get a few.
The sisters in all their splendor and glory
Dorinda, Karen, Jacky, Twinkie, KiKi, and Dorinda's Daughter (what's her name??)
Dorinda and Karen
Karen is soooo pretty
Jacky's daughter Angel (backup singer)
Me in prep for the show
Beautiful ATL skyline
Blessed and Highly Favored
Jacky singing "Angels"

Oh yeah and many thanks to Norris for the hotel hookup and making sure I was taken care of.... EAT IT!


fuzzy said...

Those are some great pictures and you are looking so well!

Ummm you and 6'4" I love whatever is going on between you to. I need friends like that, i think... lol

Cocoa Rican said...

Love the Clark sistahs! Glad you had a ball!

queerkidofcolor said...

Jared you are acting brand new! I love it.

Corey Keith said...

Wow.. Atlanta needs you here now, cutie!

Anonymous said...

This writer black prose dude: Too shady. His BF: Too shady, and crazy. Now you know why I'm so blunt to people. lol.

Monie said...

You did not put him on blast like that. Ha! BTW, his profile says single...did his BF break things off with him???


Chet said...

Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the performmance (Clark Sisters). what is going on between you and that man of yours? Young Hearts Run Free." I enjoyed the pictures and the one of you is very nice, you are very attractive. Keep us posted on what may soon be your new home (ATL).

Lonnell said...

I heard the concert was great! I'm so glad you shared your pics!

Darius T. Williams said...

JARED - you did not post that boy's myspace profile. Can you even do that?

You're such a sissy with that scarf on. You don't need it - can I have it? You look hot in the scarf. They should have given you the mic.

I'm sooo mad at you though for posting that boy's myspace page. Ha!

j_shanlin said...

@Fuzz: thanks... i try to stay healthy and glowing lol! And 6'4 is on my nerves lately

@Uncle Cocoa: yes I did have an amazing time

@QKOC: I love it too! And I love you!

@Corey Keith: Thank you! I really am seriously considering GA to be my next home

@Dusty Boot: yeah, fuck him

@Monie: I don't know about that, but his profile always said single, hence the fact that I was talking to him with no knowledge of his alleged boyfriend

@Chet: Hey pumpkin! Boyfriend?? I have one of those? lol.. you must be talking about 6'4.. that nigga... and yes. ATL, here i come!

@Lonnell: yes the concert was so great, you shouldve been. I couldn't believe i was that close to them!

@Darius: Thanks! Yes you can have my scarf.. i have another one in orange! Yes they should've put me on the mic. And yes I can put his business on the blog, yes I hope he reads it, and No I don't care! : )

RocaFella07 said...

All I heard is that YOU have a Myspace, and didnt hit my ass up! LOL!


Anonymous said...

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