Monday, February 25, 2008

A Brief Update

Ok, first of all, special and many thanks go out to everyone who was thinking about and praying for my family the last couple days. My dad is out of the hospital and is doing well... ummm a little too well actually. It's like the man never learns. The doctor told him he could come home but some diet changes would definitely be in order as well as regular exercise. Yeah ummmm.. Last night he snuck out to get Popeye's.... I'm over it.

With all the foolishness regarding my dad's health on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I felt the best way to cope was to treat myself to a little retail therapy. And that I did. I bought a few pairs of cute work slacks and a melon colored cardigan from Express and a couple Oxford style ties. I also had a field day at Wal*Mart and bought some little important things that I'll need for my crib (paper towels, Windex, broom, candles, shower liner, etc...).

Then, me and my mom's friend went to Ikea and I bought a cute dining room table and some other little decorative items that will spice my place up a little bit. I had a really good time doing that cuz it gave me a lot of really good ideas on how I wanted to decorate and what color schemes I wanted to use... And I bought a cart-load of stuff but I only spent $76 (including my table).... Only thing is, I have to find some nigga to putt it together for me, because I simply just will not, ok?!

I went to the apartment Saturday afternoon and got to take a look at my actual unit. Maintenance had pretty much finished cleaning up after the previous tenant, so I finaly got the key to MY unit. As soon as I got in, the clothes INSTANTLY came off and I danced naked for 15 minutes... then of course, I walked out that bitch like nothing happened.

Things are shaping up nicely, and my countdown is getting shorter and shorter. I wish March would hurry up and come...

Oh and by the way. Thanks so much to everyone that bought me something on the registry... Greatly Appreciative ok!? Expect to get some kind of correspondence from me within the next few weeks.

Question of the Day ::drumroll::
Who's buying Janet's CD "Discipline" tomorrow?... not me!


Monie said...

Hey. I got to your blog from...ummm...can't remember.
Anyway, I've been commenting on old stuff but wanted to come here and do the official one.
Your blog is cute and you are HILARIOUS! I'll be back to check you out. Good luck with the move!

Joey Bahamas said...

Ummmmm better get that space together was good talking to you this morning...i'm still hung over....whew

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm so not buying Janet's CD. I'm not into her at all. But Jason on the other hand...geesh!

RocaFella07 said...

I'm sooo glad to hear that your dad is fine. But, seriously, Get him to stick to that new diet!

You are something else!...Put the damn table! Its easy. And, if you need them, the INSTRUCTIONS are in the box! ***LMAO***


D.LavarJames said...

LOL, not danced around naked!!! too funny!

And that damn Ikea furniture can give you a headache puttin that together, it's like the instructions can't even be written out, they give u a damn pic and u are supposed to figure it out, I'm like whatthefuk? lol

fuzzy said...

Ummm was the naked dancing some type of ritual? The dance of independant living? LOL

Umm If the table is not assembled by the time I get there, I will put it together for you. I am quite handy... (shhh don't tell my father)

Me either! I am not buying it, I'll just listen to Shawn's!