Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fine Liqeour

Ok so last night at around 1130 I was driving home and when I was trying to enter my neighborhood, this guy was walking through the entrance so I couldn't drive through.

At first, I didn't pay ol' dude any mind, but then I realized that this wasn't just any dude. He was a very well dressed, handsome, COLD dude (it was 24 degreeslast night). Anyway, I just drove on past and minded my own business as I turned on to my street.... but then I felt bad. So I whipped around and rolled down the window and was like "Dude, are you ok?" He turned around and was like "My car broke down and I'm walking to the gas station" so I responded "Get in, I'll take you."

::Ok I know what you're thinking, he coulda been a serial killer or a rapist, but hey he had a nice face::

So, anywho, dude gets in, and I'm driving to the gas station and rapping each other up: What's your name? Where you comin from? You don't have a bigger coat? You were going to try to make it all the way to Baltimore with no gas?? You're 21? etc etc

So we get to the closest gas station which is literally 1 minute driving from my house. We get there, but sadly the gas station was closed, so we had to go to the gas station that's like 7 minutes driving (imagine if he had to walk that far right?) Let's call him FL (Fine Liqueor).

FL got a gas canister and filled it up and on the way back to his car he couldn't be more thankful, and when we got to his car and filled his tank up with the gas he just bought, he even tried to take me to an ATM machine to take his damn money. Of course I declined, but then he asked me if I'd setle for dinner.

Hell yeah! I LOVE free food. Me and FL have a date! Is that wrong?

::Question of the Day::
Can I write a sex post in a couple days?? My eyes were opened to something last night... : )


Humility731 said...

UMMM ! I am from baltimore and we do not just put stranglers in our cars to take them to gas stations. You are so bold and nice but try that mother theresa business down south where people are nicer. I am suprised you are still alive to blog. least you get free dinner *wink . Lets hope his atm dont run out of money

D.LavarJames said...

U need a whoopin,

plain and simple!

pickin up folks off the side of the road

Opinionated Diva said...

My car broke down is the oldest pick up in the book! LOL--I kid!

But seriously...this line...

"::Ok I know what you're thinking, he coulda been a serial killer or a rapist, but hey he had a nice face::"

Uhhhhh Ted Bundy was quite the looker AND he had a kind face too! Need I say more?!

Glad it all worked's a shame we can't all just be kind hearted enough to help those appearing in need...but the truth is there are some CRAZY mofos in this world.

I'll be back to hear about this sex post you're planning *wink*

fuzzy said...

OMG Yesss i am gonna "whoop that ass" (from Tyler Perry's why did I get married) but you lucked out! Let me know how this dinner went!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Don't give up the goods in a couple of days, boy; although I am down with the free meal. He seems nice, most brother's don't offer to recoup you on your gas when you are doing them a favor. Glad you didn't take the money though, shows your character. Lastly, all of the serial killers every born had a "nice face", but that's just the cop in me talking. When you go out on your date, write a message on your mirror, in soap, where you went and with who. Just to be safe. LOL

life said...

Slow down!

L. Renee' said...

That was very kind of you. But..a little crazy. Thank God he was cool. Nothing wrong with a little dinner date. Have fun.
First time visiting your blog.
I will return.
Check me out if you get a minute.

Cocoa Rican said...

That's extremely crazy...and God protects the innocent and the ignorant...u figure out which group you fell into.

Since he didn't kill you and he's good lookin' lucked out...

Now, the right thing is that you do right and get that dick...Got it...get it...good :)

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - you shouldn't have picked him up. It worked out - but it may not next time, be careful.

queerkidofcolor said...

You are too much, LOL.

Dont do that again! No matter how good looking he is.

And send me that darn article! It was due last week!

Anonymous said...

geez, what is wrong with all your readers? You did exactly the right thing! You helped someone and I am proud of you.

People, stop turning your backs one someone who was obviously in need of some help. Put yourself in that man's shoes.

(maybe that was the southerner coming out in me lol)

RocaFella07 said...

LOL!! I have to agree with Humility on this one.

"He had a nice face..." Dont get me started! LOL!


Chet said...

Stranger? You picked up a stranger? You are brave, and your heart is big. I am pleased that all went smoothly and that you and FL have a date. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I am just getting around to responding to e-mail and blogs.