Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do You Take This Man

So, I know I left you guys hangin' yesterday without much detail about the whole doing something with married men thing, but I'm here to clear that up.

I've had 2 experiences with married men. One of them I'll talk about today, and the other one I'll talk about at a later time because I'm not too sure how I'm going to do it yet... bear with me.

Experience number one... This guy I work with (married, 23, 2 kids) named "David" is real cool. We met when I first began working at my current job. We don't have really anything in common (except the fact that we're both cute and that we both have a Clark Sisters obssession).

Sooo, David (allegedly) had a crush on my best friend Tiffany and he was always talking to me about her, and saying all the stuff he would do to her. NOw I know what you're thinking... "Hey wait! I thought he was married!" Yeah well he can blow that out of his asshole... Apparantly him and his wife are separated. Something about them getting married at 18 and making decisions too fast.

A couple months later, we still haven't had much conversation... just the exchange of the occasional pleasantry and a few words here and there about gospel music... That is until Tiffany calls me and is like "David asked me for your number and I gave it to him." WTF!!?? why would you do that?

So sure enough David texts me within the hour saying the ever intelligent greeting: "Sup"... I respond back.. "who the fuck is this?"... to which he responds "such dirty words coming from such a pretty mouth"... to which I respond "fuck that. who in the hell even is this?". Finally, he tells me who he is, and we embark on some kind of convo that I was actually very bored with until he was like "you have a sexy ass, Tiffany showed me".


A few weeks before, I sent a picture of my ass to Tiffany telling her to pucker up and kiss it... She had said somethin' smart. That picture was for her to kiss, and discard, not to show all my co-workers. WTF!?

So anyway.. FF>> about a week. Me and David had become a litle more friendly... Pictures had been sent. Gropes in the work washroom had been executed, promises of sexual pleasure had been exchanged, and it was kinda cool, cuz I knew in the end, no feelings would be involved, and no strings would be attached (at least on my end anyway)because after all, he was married...

Well, these intimate exchanges went on for about 5 days, and I was all set to just let him "blow my back out", that is until he sent me a 2 page e-mail (over the work e-mail) about how he couldn't do anything with me because God would not be pleased, and if he continued down this "destructive road" he would "be cast into the lake of fire" and it would be disrespectful to his wife, and how he is not nor has he ever been gay, and how he is sorry to lead me on... BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH!!!

Yeah well needless to say, that's over. Now, I will say, as dirty as it may be, had sir David not went on his holiness trip, I still probably would've fucked him, but because that page of my history is closed, I will let my vibrator do all the work... he treats me better anyway.

The funniest thing off all though, is when I changed shifts at work, we got the same supervisor, so now we sit right next to each other. Can you say awkward?? Well not for me, because I continue to wear tight pants to work, and I STILL switch up and down the aisles, more than likely better than his wife ever could...

Would you do anything, relationship or sex with a married person? If so, what situations are and are not kosher? If not, why wouldn't you?(cuz I bet the farm, if Dwayne Wade's ass wanted some, drawers would be dropped all over the nation:: wait isn't he getting a divorce too? oh well)...


Cocoa Rican said...

First, it's difficult to render judgement without first viewing the picture of your ass that drew this intial interaction with the married man. Apparently, I will need to decipher whether this man was sent over the edge by the power of B-Mo' twink booty. Second, I told you pa...all jokes aside, it's a BAD karma move. You know he's married and he has already began the "coverage" game with his statment regarding moral values and NOT even being gay.
It's a set-up....but I suspect that for all the wisdom coming from an old man, our Baby J will live and learn on his own...and that's good...our shoulders will be here when it's over....AND when you pay your dues for it. ;)

Darius T. Williams said...

I don't know Cocoa...this one is interesting. I think there needs to be clear boundaries w/a married man - but hey, it's all relative.

So, let's see. Let's say I was approached by a married man and...nah, I think Cocoa is right. I can't even think of a time when I would get down w/a married man. I mean, he's got his cake at home (even if it's not his flavor) and nothing would come between he and I so I'm setting myself up for failure.

Damn that Cocoa - he always has the answers.

BTW - the interview is posted - lol. Happy V Day sir!

D.LavarJames said...

I agree with Cocoa, that it is bad Karma. But regardless of him being married, or "seperated" I get tired of coming across the men that say they ain't gay and that they goin to hell cuz they have those types of feelings, but then they stick they tongue in another man's ass!

They need to get they grown asses together and stop the madness.

j_shanlin said...

LMAO DLJ... not "stick their tongue in another man's ass though

Joey Bahamas said...

It depends on how cute he is....I think the responsibility for keeping a marriage intact is that of those who entered into the contract in the first place. There is the question of karma it always helps no to know if a guy is married until after you get it


WhozHe said...

Just not a kewl thing to do, but I do know what it means to be caught up in the fantasy.

Early on in my sexual life, I had a coworker who was very attractive, tall, dark skin brotha with an athletic build. I knew he was "straight" and had had sex with half the women in the office even though he was married. His wife was also a coworker but at a different location.

Well, I was attracted to him but had no idea that he was interested in me until he made up some excuse one day about wanting to come by my house to chat. Well, he totally blind sided me with his affection and I got caught up in the fantasy, the seducion, and had sex with him. Afterwards I felt so bad. I knew his wife, she had never did anything to hurt me, but I had just did something totally hurtful to her. We never had sex again, and I never knowingly had sex with a married man again.

Next time, really think about it before you get involved with a married man.

fuzzy said...

I have messed around with 5 married men in my lifetime. All regulars that wanted more and more. not to toot, but when its good its good! Also messed around with engaged men also...

I would only keep it at the sex point. No good can come from you pursuing a relationship with someone who is married. Someone will get hurt. The person they leave or your hopes will be shattered when they chose to stay married!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

You are cute...loved the good!

Oh, and not for nothing, NO to a married man...take care!

Humility731 said...

I love your post!

I have messed around with two married men in my lifetime. I always felt like Kelly Price in her video "It's Morning" the next morning when I rolled over. One guy that I spoked about on my blog "thighs", isn't married but has a girlfriend. I made it my new years resolution to no longer fool around with him. But i failed ! Thats why I dont like setting them damn resolutions. I just cant resist. I know he is never going to leave her for me, but I really adore him.

So is it wrong? Morally...YES!
In practice?...not always

I just always hope when I marry my man, he isn't out doing the same thing. karma is a mess