Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crackin Up Laughin'

You guys had me CRACKIN up this morning when I read your comments on yesterday's post. Oh yeah, and in reference to Mr. Cocoa Rican's ( comment: "Like riding a bike, it'll take time and falling off (or in your case) getting impaled, can be painful at first."...Yeah, umm....I still can't ride a 2-wheeler, so uh, is that an indication of what lies ahead lol?! I have taken you guys's advice to heart, and I'm confident that when it does happen, it'll be something say the least. Oh yeah and to that anonymous person who left that comment talkin' bout some "you already got burned by one friend"...I have an idea on who you are, but I won't put you out there, just because that would be ignorant, wouldn't it?! hmm.

So besides all that, Leroy had a good laugh that post, and he assured me that I didn't owe him anything, and that if I didn't want to do it, I didn't have to.

Another thing that had me crackin' up laughin was this little girl that tried to say I sexually harrassed her. This was the little girl that stole my cell phone a couple weeks ago on the 6th...I wrote about her on my Random Tuesday post ( So, I get called to the office and the secretary's like, "Ms. Leatherbury (the assistant principal) will see you in just a minute, please sit down." So I'm like...oh damn what is going on. I NEVER get in trouble, and of course by this time I forgot I called that girl a slut and a whore and a bitch and all that other stuff. So then I go into the office and that girl is in there, and I was like oh shit here we go. So basically the principal dogged me out for calling that girl names and if I said anything else to her in that nature, sexual harrassment charges would be pressed. Ok whatever girl, don't use those damn scare tactics with me, I know better. Now, being the person I am, I didn't even bring the cell phone bandit incident up. I just resolved within myself to make her life hell!!! She ain't NEVA seen the fire like the one I'ma cause!!!

In other T, I was looking at the results of my SAT that I took on January 27th and I got a 1663. I was so mad at first cuz I was like FUCK the SAT I don't give a shit about that test anyway, but then my guidance counselor told me that that was a great score, so I was like, "Oh ok nevermind then! bad." So anyway, just wish me luck on that FIT acceptance letter, I've been calling there like CRAZY!!!

I guess that's it for me today..Peace and Love!!!


Cocoa Rican said...

Congrats on three fronts:
First – Your SAT scores are super. I was thinking you may have added a 1 somewhere in error…. Do your thing pa! Let me find out you’re our budding genius!
Second – If the c*nt had you sittin’ in the principal’s office, the chances are you scared the bejesus out of her… awww… our baby is growin’ up and sharpening his teeth and claws… I’m so proud. Don’t fret about the alleged harassment charges… believe me, if vile tongue got us harassment charges I’d be WAY beyond the three strikes laws. Never worry about folks that take the high road (the authorities, school officials, etc.) Only watch your back with the bitches who put bricks through your windshield and boil your poodle.
Third – I’m glad the advice was worthwhile, but I’m ecstatic that your new man has enough sense to give you time to adjust and appears to genuinely like you for you – rather than your plump, young, sweet and tight booty…but I digress… give the brotha his props for saying the right thing.

Well, I’m off to my date with Big Red and then seeing my new-found stalker – MakeItUrOme… wish me luck…you see pa, you become a pro with some experience… LOL

That Dude Right There said...

I agree with Cocoa Rican again. Congrats on all three items of discussion. You do seem to be maturing at a faster rate than most dudes your age. Just remember to think about the consequences of your actions before and you should be cool. Lord knows that I wish that someone had told me that years ago.

ReddMann said...

Congrats on the SAT... but you should have brought up the cell phone thing because if this nonsense comes up again at least you would have said something about it in the past.

Anonymous said...


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