Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Karma Is A....Well, You Know

Well, I haven't been kicked out yet, but I suppose you could say that my "Kick-Out Status" is still PENDING. But, my friends, there is light at the end of the tunnel, because my very good friend Karma and I had a conversation last night. I told her about my situation and she told me that it would be taken care of. Lo and behold, this morning I heard frantic shuffling in the house and it turns out....ha!!!!...teehee!!'re gonna love this!...My dad lost his keys!!! Now, to outsiders, that may seem like nothing, but you haven't seen my dad's keychain. He has more keys than a damn janitor! It's like those keys are his life, and I have NEVER in my 17 short years ever see him lose them. Oh well, hope he had a spare car key, cuz I don't know how he got to work. Hmm...just when I start to doubt the principle of the things that you do coming back around and biting you in the ass, this amazing "kismetic" universe shows just who's in control once again.

I thank all of you for your support! I just KNEW I could count on my "blogger family" as Cocoa Rican (yeah I found out how to do one-word link lol) so wittily put it. I count this whole situation as a learning experience, and I've already looked back on it, and laughed.

Ok so, You guys KNOW I couldn't leave you without some witty, dark, and crude humor so here goes!!! I once again found myself in the assitant principal's office this morning ::SURPRISE!!!!:: I'm starting to not like all these excursions to his office, but hell, what can I do? So basically, it was one of those "you're not in trouble, but..." conversations. He basically wanted to tell me that he noticed a change in me and he didn't think that it was one for the best. Of course he was saying this stuff as politically as he possibly could as not to brush me the wrong way, and then have me break his neck and leave him for dead in his office. What was supposed to be inspirational, actually turned out to be boring and slow, and eventually I was just sitting there watching him as he talked about absolutely nothing. That is until he hit the point of the inevitably clear "sexual orientation" issue.

He was like, "You don't have to answer this if you don't want to, but are you something other than heterosexual?" I was like "Ummm... 'scuse me but what does that have to do with anything that we're talking about?" So then he was like "Well one of your teachers seems to believe that you're skipping her class to go have sex. Now, I know that it's normal for 17 year olds to have sex, but if you're really doing that, it can wait until 10:20 when you get out of school...blah blah blah." I was like "I'm not having sex, so if there's nothing else, I will not be late to school anymore, nor will I skip class to "go have sex". He wasn't satisfied, but what else was there to be said??? On my way out of the office, the all familiar tune from Mr. Chris Bridges came into my head "My business my businass, stay the F**K up out my businass, cuz these bitches all up in my s**t and it's my business, my businass, stay the F**K up out my businass, cuz it's mine all mine!!" much as I wanted to be offended by his petty questioning, I just couldn't be. It seems like there are so much more I could be worried about like, going to work and getting paid, or wondering where I'm gonna go if I do in fact get kicked out of my house, or ::teehee:: laughing at my dad cuz that bastard lost his keys!!!! LMAO!!! You know I couldn't resist. And...out of all of this....look at my face! I am NOT FAZED!!!!!


Cocoa Rican said...

Luv it! ...And if your blog elders find out you're skippin' class to have sex, we're going to demand pictures and be forced to provide you with private counseling... LOL
I guess grown folks just want you to do well and be safe pa... believe me, you'll look back on these times and appreciated that everyone cared as much.

Trent Jackson said...


Trent Jackson said...
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Queer Kid Of Color said...

You do know you can sue for that right?

I think you can.

Im going to google search this!

Joey Bahamas said...

Every action has an opposite and equal's not just karma, it's physics.

Girrrrr!!! The Asstn. Princp. will KNOT ask you if you're skipping class to have sex, and then connected it with your assumed sexual orientation! Because, you know, us gays are that promiscuous...chile, be unbothered....

Marz said...

They think all gay boys do is have sex all day.

All the teachers all gave me personal HIV lectures after they found out I liked boys, well the ones that weren't calling me miss thang, faggot, and whatever else.

Though in some strange VERY twisted way, the adults are looking out for you.


ShawnQt said...

LOL you is 2 fly! I'm so glad I didn't have to go through that in Highschool. Seems like we have become really popular over the years!

Rather be seen, then not heard, but surly don't want to be known as such for the rest of my life!

Anonymous said...

You go boy, don't let that bastard get the best of you! The next time he pulls you in the office to ask if your cutting class, ask him if he does that to the other hundred or so bitches who that that everyday. And say..."oh by the way, I too noticed a change in you, and how the school is being managed, my concern is that you may not be getting any, are you ok?" Let's see what he says (lol)