Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Sign From God?

[This blog is going to be explicit, sorry]. Ok so, I'm going to give you some history. I am a self-proclaimed bottom. I don't know why. Maybe because my first boyfriend/sexual experience was with a top, and it was just comfortable for me. My first sexual experience was with my last boyfriend, James, who was nicknamed Gary in my previous posts that involved him. So, yea umm....Me and James tried the penetration thing once...yea...not great! He wasn't big at all so I wasn't disappointed, because in the end it was going to have to go inside of me anyway. But it just felt like I was taking a shit the whole time, and needless to say, I wasn't too giddy to do it again. So we never did, and anyways soon after that he cheated on me with my ex-friend Steven. I digress, though.

So I'm with this new guy now-who I haven't said much about on here just because it's just too risky-and we've been dating for about a month now. Prior to me dating him, I bought myself a 6" vibrator (his name is Victor) because I knew the day would come where I would once again be faced with a decision to let my significant other put his penis in my ass, and I wanted to be prepared. I was satisfied with how the whole vibrator thing was working out...that is until I met my current boyfriend. His penis is like HUGE! Not only is it long but it is SO thick. I swear it growled at me when I first saw it.

A couple of weekends ago, me and my boyfriend (let's call him Leroy) tried to have sex and as soon as he put it in I was like "LEROY TAKE IT OUT!!!!!!!". As embarrassed as I was, I wasn't about to sit up there and pretend that it was the most delightful thing in the world. I was so disappointed in myself because I was supposed to be "SUPER BOTTOM" and plus, with all my experience with Victor, I thought I was ready for the world. Now I feel bad because, I feel like I kinda owe it to Leroy to do what pleases him. I don't know, maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I really need advice. Is this a sign from God that maybe I need to trade in my "hey gir" for "wassup niucca" and my snug fitting United Colors of Benetton jeans for their extremely baggy Roca Wear cousins???? HA yeah right! Umm...if anyone has any advice on what I should do about this PLEASE let me know lol...Here's some of the things I've heard...
  2. Lay on your stomach
  3. Loosen up before you begin
  4. Make your partner eat you out for 40 minutes (lol)
  5. Pray....


Queer Kid Of Color said...

i wont be reading your blog anymore.

Anonymous said...

if it hurts too bad don't do it dawg. I have the same problem yo. And I to purchased a vibrator to try and get used to it but couldn't. It always felt like a telephone pole in my ass and that pain ain't kewl yo.

so, now a days, I am "on top" of the world and loving it!

Domminique said...

Well what can I say in any situation no matter what the circumstances you should do what you are comfortable with. You shouldn't feel like you owe anybody a thing. You know where your comfort level is. And besides who knows you better than you.

Cocoa Rican said...

Like riding a bike, it'll take time and falling off (or in your case) getting impaled, can be painful at first. ::::Oh for the days when it seemed impossible:::
If being a bottom is what you think you will enjoy, here are a few tips:
1. Be very, very, very lubricated. There's nothing like a dry dick to hurt like hell, tear the booty and have you sore and raw for days. Not to mention, you'll risk developing hemroids (sp)...a bottom's enemy!
2. Be on top... your first attempts should keep you in control. Any other position will allow him to penetrate you at his speed and not your comfort level.
3. Take it slow. You don't have a pussy and ass doesn't have the same give as pussy. Also, your ass has membranes and not walls - tears are likely when you rush.
4. After slowly taking it in, stop and let your booty adjust. Don't pull it out! This will only force you to, again, adjust to the girth of the dick. After waiting a while with the dick in the same position, your booty will give and relax and you will proceed to take it further.
5. MOST IMPORTANT - Do it at your own speed and for a short amount of time - increasing the time with each session. If your current man isn't patient, he isn't the person you want to break the booty in with.
Good luck pa... enjoy the ride! For the record..take it from us old timers, it will always hurt a bit, but you learn to enjoy that pain as part of the experience and not as sadistic torture.

BTW - I'm lovin' the walks down memory lane and your raw honesty. Always be safe...we want to hear your stories (and progress) for years to come!

Anonymous said...

My advice...Stop talking about your man dick size anywhere that people you know might read it or hear about it. The queens only need one reason to try him and you don't need to be the one give it to them. You already got burned by one friend.

That Dude Right There said...

Yeah, everything that Cocoa Rican said. Lubrication and taking your time are key. But in the end, if you don't like it, don't do it.

ShawnQt said...

I went through something like this, this link from my post might help u out a little!

Marz said...


UMMM, I don't know what to tell you though. Because my cakes are saran wrapped nicely, and NOWHERE near their expiration date.

But basically your ass has two sphincter muscles, and they are like the tightest strongest muscles in your body.

So you have to breath!!!!

Also, make sure you're clean, no shade.


dancehard said...

well, if you believe the size and the girth of your new man is the key to your penetrative issues, why not try a series of dildos graduated in size? I call this "booty training". It will be a small investment (between 50-75 bucks), but you and your man can split the costs. Buy 2-3 dildos, the first being bigger than the one you already own, and gradually increase in size of the dildo to one that is almost the size of your man's "goodies".

You can even bring your man in on the fun! Even if he's not actually getting it, he may find that working you over with the toy is pretty hot. If this guy is serious about YOUR pleasure as well as his, he should be "open" to "opening" you up as a team.

Play as much as you can with the toys, practice makes perfect. Once you master the largest dildo, surprise your man with a romantic evening...and when its time for lovin, take the lead, get him all revved up and ready, get on top, look him straight in the eye, and pop that cherry with expert precision!

A friend of mine did this with his partner, and they had wonderful results. Now he is a REAL power bottom. Sometimes you gotta crawl before you walk, and that's what "Booty Training" is all about!

Let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

dancehard.... stop your crazy self (and where have you been?!).

Anyway, hi! Found your blog from somewhere or other, read this post, and I thought I'd offer this.
Here's a good book that a good bottom (and top, for that matter) should read:
"Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women" by Jack Morin, PhD.; ISBN# 0940208202.

It's helped me. :)

-- Gil.