Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Fridays

Hey is Friday yet again. This week has been pretty good for me, but I don't think anybody in the world is ready for the weekend to come more than I do. I was gonna write a blog today about a certain blogger, but I'm not gonna do it, and plus I love him so I wouldn't throw shade at him even though he did it to me lol!!!! So goes.
  • My damn job is getting on my NERVES!!!! My boss is trying a new program and he's giving me more work to do. As if I don't have enough already. I tell ya, there are not enough hours in a day!! Well yeah there are, because if we had more, I'd probably be spending them sleeping.
  • The wind was blowing so hard here in Maryland, that signs were being bent over and shit! What is that?!
  • My little brother plays JV basketball at his school. His team's been undefeated all season and today is his championship game. Aaaahh. I remember those days!
  • I am SOOO sick of those people that are saying that Fantasia's self-titled album that came out at the end of last year was over-produced. I heard that on the radio. I was like not true. That album was SOOOO clean, and I love it!!
  • I just got cussed out by a client....oh well. Gotta keep it professional.
  • Umm...I am not playin' witchall when I say do not get ice at fast food restaurants. Studies have proven that the water that is used to make the ice has more Hepatitis and E.Coli than the toilets. Plus, it was on Oprah, and you know if Oprah says no, you just shouldn't do it. When I go to fast-food restaurants, I seriously get no ice in my drinks!
  • Not to be vain, but when I got out of the car today and saw my ass in the reflection, I was like DAMN!!! Thank God for H&M jeans.
  • Oh yeah, I had a HUGE crush on this guy that went to my school last year, and he graduated. He was so FINE and like I got weak in the knees when he would walk by. But he was so damn conceited all the time. He just KNEW he was the shit. How about I saw him doing valet parking in the movies! HA! what a joke!
  • Darian posted something about the male version of the AKA fraternity. It was like super interesting to me! Check it out ( It's hot!
  • Ever since I had to read William Shakespeare's Hamlet for 1st semester English, I've been on this big Shakespeare trip. I'm reading Othello, but it's really not as interesting as the Sparknotes make it out to be.
  • FAFSA is such a blower. Them people are not trying to give me anything. I'm so making my own scholarship fund!

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