Monday, February 19, 2007

The T On My Weekend!

What's Up Kids!! Hope the weekend was as delicious as mine!! First of all, before I even get started, what's the T on Britney Spears cutting all her hair off? I was like girl, what are you doin with your life?? Now I am not one to judge, but DAMN! What was she thinking???!!!

Anyways....Ok so I also want to advise my brothers and sisters, never go out with someone you met on Myspace. I've already warned you. My best friend Kordale B thought he was doing something when he told me that he had met this "perfect guy" on that devil site, and I was not EVEN impressed. We all met at the mall, and he was kinda weird. To say he was a few fries short of a happy meal is an understatement. Sorry Kordale, maybe you'll take my advice and leave those crazy Myspace people alone, and in the meantime, get the shirt that says "You Looked Better on Myspace".

In other T, I was pleasantly surprised to see my big sister Jennifer on the cover of Vogue! She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It's really amazing to see an African American on the cover of a magazine that stands for an industry that is so "whites only". I also saw her on the cover of Essence this weekend!

On Friday, I talked about my co-worker who wanted me to mentor her nephew, Matthew. I figured it was going to happen, but I didn't think that It woulda happened so soon! On Friday, I gave her my number to give to him and he called me Friday night. We had a good conversation, actually. We talked about boys of course and then we got into some deeper issues like what made him come out, and his sexual history. He's a very interesting kid, and we have a "date" on Tuesday, so I'll keep you posted about that.
I think that's it for me today, so until tomorrow, peace and blessings!


Cocoa Rican said...

Yo Pa, what was the title of this post... irrelevant? LOL

Anonymous said...

Mentoring for homosexuality...we are went to the dogs!

ReddMann said...

lol so random