Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Random Tuesday??!!

I umm...yea. My mind is all over the place today, so I was just like fugg it, today is gonna be a random Tuesday! lol.

  • Baltimore is CRAZY COLD! Why is it like 8 degrees????!!!

  • Oh yeah, Trent (my 25 year old husband) from http://justasktrent.blogspot.com has informed me that tomorrow's Witty Wednesday is gonna be a HOT ONE...so check it out

  • Somebody stole my cell phone in my class today and I had to WRECK SHOP to find out who stole it. This little white girl was like, "oh I'm sorry, I thought it was mine!" Bitch you lyin', you don't have no rainbow RAZR! She almost got cut just for lyin!

  • I have a Valentine this year!!!! YAAAAAY!!!!

  • Graduation and prom are around the corner and I am NOT prepared!

  • I always forget to shout Mekhi Phifer out when I talk about all of the fine men in my life, so Mekhi, this is a personal and public apology.

  • I feel like shit today!

  • Are there any good movies out? cuz I don't have to work this weekend and I'm going to be in front of somebody's silver screen! I just don't know what to see.

  • Jump-Off #1 hasn't called me since I broke our date last weekend....that bastard! Oh well. My Valentine crushed him anyways!

  • I feel like this today.....

I PROMISE....tomorrow's blog is gonna be so much better than today's! I feel a mess. A lot is going on right now in my homosexual little mind, and I need to get myself together. Pray for me!


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Anonymous said...

where ya at man? Hope all is well with you :))

Cocoa Rican said...

Pa, you always make me smile... even with drama and disaster your sitcom of an existence warms my heart... LOL