Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Finale...Sort of

Ok so, I usually write my blogs at work, and ever since this whole dramatic season of my life came about, my job has been in jeopardy. Well, it's finally come to an end lol. My parents are making me quit my job at the very prestigious State Farm Insurance company, because they have "trust issues". Therefore, this might (I said MIGHT) be my last post for a little while...Or at least until I figure out how I'm gonna post regularly. Yes, I have a computer at home, but I'm not gonna even attempt to write my "GAY BLOG" in my Christian home...that's all I need, for my parents to find my blog lol...wouldn't that be some shit?! That being said, I won't have my StateFarm email address anymore, so if you want any contact with me, you'll have to email me at (j underscore shanlin @ But it's ok. I'm not gonna let you guys down, and more than that, I'm not gonna let myself down. This blog has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. It has been an outlet that has kept me sane in insane circumstances. And not only that, I have come in contact with some awesome people and I have found out what it means to be a true "Power Gay" lol. Anywho, this is not a sad post at all, cuz as I've said, I SHALL find a way to still post on here...I already have some ideas. So don't delete me out of your favorites yet lol.

So anyway, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about American Idol last night! WTF is going on?! First of all, my fiance' Jared Cotter got cut...I'm ok though. At least he'll be able to spend time with me at home now! But we all know the real nail biter was between the "Sexy non-singin Sanjaya" and the "Singin', not so sexy Sundance". I just KNEW with all my heart that Sanjaya (as cute as he may be) was going home. NOT SO!! It was shocking, but hey I don't care. Just as long as Melinda or Lakisha don't get sent off.

Anyways, I think that's it for right now anyway. If anything comes up during the day, I'll write again, but until next time, love happiness peace and blessings!!!!! Love Jared!


Marz said...

Write your post in microsoft Word so they'll look like you're doing homework. Cut it, then sign into your blog paste it and publish it quickly. sign out, and then erase the history & Cookies. (I'm an expert. lol) MUAH

Then make sure you go back to microsoft word type, " I love Jesus so miuch", and cut that so that if they paste they don't get your GAY POST, but that you love Jesus and they'll be so infused with joy.

MUAH. Keep your head up. (I've ben through this before as you can see.)


Anonymous said...

marz: you are a trip. i luv it!

Joey Bahamas said...

Hey Booby....Sorry to hear you're parent's are making you quit your job.I will still chcek your blog religiously for updates...I'll send u an email as well....bye...mwah!

Cocoa Rican said...

Alright pa, so like how am I gonna get my memory lane infusion on?! Don’t play with me… find a way! Leave it to parents to infuse responsibilities and values by having you quit your job for fear that you’ll take it in the booty during lunch…LOL
…but seriously, you know you’re not only one of my Favorites, you’re one of my favorites… (no muahs needed…what was up with all that kissy shyt anyway?! LOL)
I don’t have suggestions for posting other than, where there’s a will, there’s a way. As for Idol, you know the drill… Sanjaya is my man and if I get a hold of that ass I’m pulling his hair and biting his lips – hey, maybe I’ll even lick his teeth.
Whew…okay…stay up, stay in touch and know….I SEE YOU (check out Joy Luck Club for reference).
Later Baby J.

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!

How will I get my dose of reality? Who will keep me running to my computer each day? Boy, you in college now, find a way dam it ! You can do it. Is there a public library around your way? What about school, like Marz said if you type it in word, cut and past quickly you may be able to get your task accomplished.

Anyway, hold on tight brotha. We support you all the way!

Trent Jackson said...

I am driving right now.
I bought a NASA diaper - I put it on so I wont have to stop and use the bathroom on my way to your house.