Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hey you guys! I guess I'm doing alright considering the circumstances. I'm sitting here at the computer at home and I'm supposed to be writing my 1000 word verisimilitude (look it up hoes) on the 1994 Rwandan genocide that killed more that half a million people, when in all actuality I'm writing a post..tahdah bitches! I told you I wouldn't be a stranger.

Anyways, I just got done watching American Idol and the good news is, I'll get to see more of my little bottom boyfriend Sanjaya next week!!! It's gotta be really depressing to the contestants with talent to see that some kid with no talent is cleaning up week after week. Oh well, I enjoy seeing him.

In other t, I just applied to Clark Atlanta University...Gay Black Mecca here I come lol.

I know you guys are all dying to find out what's going on with the parents...hmm, what can I say? They have turned my whole sexual orientation thing into a "supernatural issue"... Apparantly, my "homoness" is the devil's tool to destroy my entire family....hypocrites....they didn't say that to Uncle Rico (hey Uncle Rico gir!). But anyway, I'm still left high and dry with a wet unemployed pussy, and I'm in the house everyday watching reruns of Girlfriends and that sick PussyCat Dolls show. Pray for me girls, I'm gonna need it.

I miss you guys...hey Trent, I love you. Steven, thank you for not returning my damn emails lol. Joey...hey gir, muah! Cocoa Rican, HEEEEEYY!!!!


Queer Kid Of Color said...

OMG I did email you back! Do you still have the same email address? I emailed your ass back! Dont give me that sh**. Making me feel guilty.

You still my favorite cunt blogger.

Cunt blogger?

So liberal like...

Cocoa Rican said... done made it to post using the underground blogroad. We done had our candles in our windows waitin' for your wet, yet chastity-ridden boi koochie to roll through.
Careful with my Golden Sunshine, Sanjaya, comments out there... you know I didn't even realize he's been trying to sing. Every time he comes on I turn down the volume and whip out my K-Y warming gel. LOL

Pa, you're so out of there...tell your gay demons to keep it cool for the time being...just a few months to go before they can unleash all HELL on the world.

Mira, I'm coming down to DC in the next couple of months and maybe the DC area bloggers can take you out to a celebratory demon-filled lunch....we gotta send our Baby J off to school in true style... you know we're now your Blogger family and it wouldn't be right if you're blogger uncles and aunts didn't send you off right - we'll even have you home before your mom starts receiving guests for your dusk exorcism.

Joey Bahamas said...

Hey Pookums...I'm so glad to hear from you!!!! Everything sounds like it's going good enough, and that's what matters.

You do need to come to DC...I'm a partier...we will make sure you have a good time ;-)! Mwah!