Friday, March 2, 2007

Random Fridays

I am so excited about the forth-coming weekend. This week just sped past me. It seems like just yesterday, I was packing up my shit and was on my way out! Well, if you've been reading my previous posts, you'll know that things have gotten a little better, and I'm almost out of the tunnel, and into the LIGHT!!! Anyways, I'm SOOO over that, so kick back, relax, and enjoy my random ass for a few minutes.

  • So I had a "sitcom-y" experience today. I guess that's not uncommon for me, but anyway. So, there's this one new guy that is in 2 of my classes, and I swore he had been staring at me for the last couple days, but whenever I looked at him he would turn away. I had one word for him: TRADE! So there's this guy named Marvin that has been hitting on me all year, but he always gets the same answer time after time, so I don't understand why he just doesn't take the "NO, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" and just leave me the hell alone. Well I guess Mr. Trade New Guy took notice of this everyday occurrence and decided to be a hero today. Marvin, came in for his usual "hey, when are you gonna let me show you how a real man takes care of his business?" and that's when Mr. Trade New Guy came around the corner and put his arm around my shoulder and said "When his boyfriend says so, and since I'm not gonna say so, you might as well get out of here." Marvin got the hell out of my face and that just left me and Mr. Trade New Guy. I thanked him, but I guess he was upset when I walked away. What was left to say?! I have a boyfriend, I love my Leroy, yep yep I love you boy! Hopefully, Marvin won't be around much anymore.
  • I am LIVING for my cousin Beyonce's new videos for Beautiful Liar and Upgrade U!!! She doesn't have to take a rest until she feels like it, cuz I don't get tired of seeing her!
  • I want another tattoo
  • That girl Lakiesha Jones on American Idol lives in Ft. Meade which is 5 minutes away from me!
  • I miss Noah's Arc!!!!!!!!!
  • I love my mother Fantasia and the fact that she's going to be on Broadway, but umm ::cough:: I know that I can't be the only one concerned about her acting skills. I mean did you see her Lifetime movie?! NO SHADE though!
  • 2 months and 7 days until my B'Day!!!
  • I'm done for right now. Enjoy your weekends! Love, happiness, peace, and blessings!!!


Queer Kid Of Color said...

did i see her acting?

isnt it sad she couldnt act like herself?

Cocoa Rican said... you're showing promise... it's always good to give respect to your baby. :)
You know what??? I love B too and my friends just do the "ugh" when I gush about her, but it's all about her...get into it.
Fantasia is the girl next door - assuming you live in the projects that are soon to be condemned... hey no shade either, but she's coming a long way and everyone can't be B right?

Anyway, I'm out the door to hit the slopes...let's see if I can get down with my Latino brothas for a change...

Joey Bahamas said...

Hey boo...I'm excited about Tasia too, as you can tell by my last post. I remember seeing/meeting her on goodmorning america after her win, she is soooooo down to earth and sooooo talented.

Way to show your boo love too!!! But that was sweet of Mr. Trade New Guy. Yall bois be gettin real bold these days though...I would never imagine any of that at my Anglican high school on the islands....

And yes....Miss B is working it in both those videos...although I didn't use that python braid she had in the royce...all I could think about was the many horses that suffered for the cause at hand...

And on that note...mwah!